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COVID Tests down to under 2000 Positivity rate 31%

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On May 9 readers on social media commented that with 613 new cases the caseload is decreasing which is a welcome sign. But on the other hand, the number of tests has now reduced to under 2000.

For example on May 9, only 1936 tests were done out of which 613 were positive. See the data from May 1, the number of tests have been reduced.

We had already posted an article that now only those who are primary contacts and those who come forward would be tested.

On April 27 around 14000 tests were done after that however the number has been hovering around 3500 and now it looks to decline further.

DateTestsPositivesPositivity rate %
May 1302253217.60
May 2231737216.06
May 3310855917.99
May 4445361513.81
May 5356492025.81
May 6300084328.10
May 7357496527.00
May 8166299159.63
May 9193661331.66

The 9 day average for tests is 2959, positives is 712 and positivity rate is 26.41%.

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