Arrangements for sale of vegetable, fruit and flower in each ward

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The Horticulture Department, Agricultural Product Marketing Committee, District Hopcoms, Farmers Producers and Exporters have come together and will facilitate the selling of these essentials in all wards of Belagavi city.

In this regard, nodal officers will look after the vegetable vehicle system for the respective wards.

The following officers can be contacted for further information, Deputy Director of Horticulture and Belagavi said in a statement.

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Shri Kirankumara Upale

Senior Assistant Horticulture Director, Belagavi


Ward no. 1-12

Sri Lakshmana Yadranvi

Assistant Horticulture Director, Belagavi


Ward no. 13-24

Shri Basanagowda Patil

Secretary, District Hopcomms, Belagavi.


Ward no. 25-36

Sri Erana Batakurki

Assistant Horticulture Director, Belagavi


Ward no. 37-48

Shri Ravi Bhajantri

APMC, Belagavi


Ward no. 49–58

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  1. Great Initiative by Horticulture Dept.
    Only hope the prices are not hike due to commission agents and no scam in allocation of the sellers with due diligence to farmers fare price.


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