Day 3 of Auto strike in Belgaum

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After no resolution was reached in the meeting with SP Chandragupta on Friday, auto drivers are still off the road and this day 3 of their indefinite strike against what they say is unjust fares and meter compulsion. 

Currently there are 6156 Autos out of which 5514 have permits. 2113 have installed meters 3401 have been issued fitness certificate.
The Autorickshaw Drivers and Owners’ Association launched an indefinite strike and stopped autorickshaws from plying on the roads since Thursday demanding an increase in minimum fares from Rs. 20 to Rs. 30 and six months’ time for repairs of the 4,500 autorickshaws in the city.

A holiday was declared for school today sighting the same reason of auto strike.
Now as citizens who abide by law, it is the duty of the Auto drivers to abide by the law as other citizens do and charge as per meters. There are many groups in the auto association and many have repaired their autos and would like to charge by meter but a few others dont want this to happen we believe.
SP Chandragupta yesterday categorically said there is no going back on this issue of fare by meters.

For the past 3 days the auto stands are empty and roads give a less crowded look without the autos plying.
For the citizens ofcourse it is time to see as to what happens, if we citizens can abide by the law of the state even the same should apply to the auto drivers, said a citizen.

Many are facing hardships especially senior citizens who have to go somewhere and people who have to travel by train or bus are finding it very difficult to get to the bus stand and stations. 

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