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DCP Smt Seema Latkar signs off from Belagavi

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It was my privilege to work as Deputy Commissioner of Police, Law & Order, Belagavi since July 2017. It was great learning experience of one of the most challenging & tough executive posting.

Belagavi has a chequered history of freedom movement, peaceful coexistence and hub for business and trade.

I had put my sincere efforts to uphold the glory of this great City. My work was wholeheartedly supported by every stakeholder and people at large i.e. politics, print, electronic & social/online media, youth, various community leaders, women, District Administration and all sections of society.

Seema Latkar

The pendemic of Covid-19 had thrown unprecedented challenges to people at large and especially to Police but we all faced it in befitting manner because of team work, dedication and cooperation from all.

It will be important for me to acknowledge the support of my senior/junior colleagues of all ranks in the Police. We worked hard day and night against extreme adversities in achieving the goal of making Belagavi City peaceful and vibrant through efficient, and responsive grassroot POLICING.

I have enjoyed my tenure both personally and professionally.

The role of my supportive family especially my kids cannot be under estimated.

My sincere thanks to YOU all.

– Seema Latkar, IPS

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