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Demands relating to Railways as requested by MP Angadi

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Like-minded Twitterati’s have come together and made a new hashtag #SaveBgm, Save Belagavi. Demand for one more train to Bengaluru has been for years but no one is heading to the requests.
Following the discussion and Suresh Angadi also tweeted

I invite all citizens to come up with your demands with regards to Railways connectivity & its development in our region. I appreciate if any forum can take initiative by collecting demands & come up with your ideas of making it better.

And here is a list of demands collected from various people who sent them to us twitted about it. This is not an exhaustive list –

Suggestions and demands for improvement of Belagavi railway station

Pit Lines are essentially required to start new trains from Belagavi. So kindly stress on this work.

As heard that, earlier there were some departments was functioning in Belagavi such as a head office for T.T.E’s (Commercial Branch) C&W (Mechanical Branch) etc., hence we required some of the departments in Belagavi so that our Belagavi Railway Employees can serve in our Belagavi city only.

Second Entrance along with one more extra platform is still dreamed for Belgamities. This work should be completed as soon as possible for starting new trains and better facilities in Belagavi Railway Station.

In station premises or in Railway Station to make an Art Gallery along with Library. In this gallery put Gandhiji’s historic photos along with Gandhiji’s visit in Belagavi. And in Library provide Gandhiji’s books and other freedom fighters inspirations books for public/Passengers, from this we can educate peoples/passengers about freedom fighters and their sacrifices.

Efforts are going on to make modernization of Belagavi Railway station, but the groundwork is still not yet commenced. Some photos have gone viral for a model of Belagavi Railway Station in social media and our beloved MP Suresh Angadi. The Belagavi station must be developed on a model basis as it is part of the Smart city as well.

Belagavi should have C&W Branch (Mechanical Department).

Belagavi should have Construction Branch. For more information regarding this please contact with Hubli/Headquarters office for setting up of this branch

Belagavi should have Railway School From Nursery to Primary school this could be a good source of income for Railways. And also it will help for Railway Employees children.

Belagavi Railway Hospital should make big and modern and made available a treatment like available in Hubli hospital. So that Railway can provide a good health benefit for Railway Employees around Belagavi nearby cities like Vijayanagar, Chikodi Road, Kudachi, Gokak, Ghataprabha, Suladhal, Sulebhavi, Belagavi, Khanapur, Londa and other places. It will save time and money of Railway Employees.

Existing Intercity Express UBL-SBC, Should be extended up to Belagavi for the convenience of Belagavi and other nearby cities.

A daily intercity train between Belagavi to PUNE

Also required Belagavi to GOA, Belagavi to MUMBAI via PUNE and Belagavi to BENGALURU, and Belagavi to Mysuru trains

Provide cabs from the Belagavi Railway Station.

VIP Waiting lounge

Escalators at Belagavi Railway Station

Provide ATM’s in Belagavi Railway Station

Food Courts, Toilets, information desk, drinking water facilities etc. are essentially required in our Belagavi Railway Station.

Provide telephone booths in Station

Provide Trolleys to carry passenger’s luggage on payment basis.

Provide Buggy services for Old age peoples. Children and pregnant women

Required baby care room

RPF and GRPF should be appointed in Belagavi Station.

Please pressure to Hon’ble Railway Minister/Piyush Goyalji to Belagavi- Sawantwadi, and Belagavi- Kolhapur Line is essentially

Now Doubling and Electrification work is going on in SWR complete Belagavi- Dharwad via Kitturu line. This line will be a game changer for Belgamities in all fields.

Electrical Engines Maintenance yard should be set up in Belagavi. It will create job opportunities in Belagavi section for Railway Employees.

After the completion of the New Railway Station Building provide shopping complex in Railway Station

Water filling must be Available at Belagavi Station

Establish pit lines at Sambra immediately so that trains can be parked & cleaned as SWR will give this as a primary reason to NOT extend trains to Belagavi. This should be given the top priority.

Start Daily Superfast Trains from Yeshwantpur to Belagavi with these timings:

YPR – 20:45 ~ BGM – 6:30

BGM – 20:00 ~ YPR – 6:30

There was a YPR-Miraj Superfast which was operational for sometime with excellent timings to BGM, but was withdrawn as it caused inconvenience to Hubli people.

Increase General Coaches for Tr No 17415/17416 Haripriya Exp, It has only 2 General Coaches, Exp trains must have 4 GS coaches, also tell him to request railmin to start Duranto on Tirupati Kolhapur route

Start Miraj~Vasco Exp daily as was in metre gauge days [Mandovi & Gomantak Exp].

MRJ- 5:00 ~ VSG – 14:00

VSG – 14:30 ~ MRJ – 23:00

BGM-Mangaluru Daily Overnight/Daily Express trains.

Extend MYS~DWR Express Daily train to BGM.

Make Rani Chennama Exp a Superfast 24 coach train & remove the slip coach servcie to Vasco. Speed up the train to reach BGM at 7:00 & shoud also depart BGM around 19:30 daily


Fast Passenger So Load On Rani Chennmamma Exp Will Automatically reduced

At Londa station If we Removed 02779 VASCO-SBC Exp link From

Rani Chennamma Exp Then Rake Easily Upgraded To RANI CHENNAMMA EXP and MIRAJ to Londa. Link some Coaches to 02779 Exp at LONDA JN one More MIRAJ TO BENGALURU Exp Train

17302/01 Dharwad/MYSURU/Dharwad Exp Extension Till Miraj

17325/26 Vishwamanava Exp Extension Till Miraj

With inputs from Belagavi Infrastructure and Bhartesh

11 thoughts on “Demands relating to Railways as requested by MP Angadi”

  1. Excellent.. govt. Must have a look at above mentioned demands .. for long belagavi has been given step motherly treatment.. they are removing departments also from belagavi.. I hope this opens the eyes of our blind leaders

  2. EXcellent one…three views I have
    1) Extension of 17318/17317 to Bengaluru, to reduce load on always overcowded Chalukya express…also this will serve as another day train to places between Miraj-Bengaluru
    2) Now that 11005/11006 DR-PDY exp got additional halt at Khanapur, compensate time by the following
    a) Remove Alnavar halt OR
    b) Speeden it up between YPR-Hubli for 11006 by either departing later from YPR, or arriving earlier at Hubli(around 2:45pm is good enough..many times arrives this
    c) for 11005, Give Better priority in Miraj-Belagavi, so that it can reach Belagavi on time, and also reach
    Hubli on time despite having stop at Khanapur…this can also be done by making it to arrive and depart Miraj Jn 5 min before current scheduled arrival and departure time….Since it usually reaches Miraj 5-10 min early
    d) Also someimes 11006 reaches londa Junction at 5pm itself…so set arr/dep at Londa at 17:00-17:02
    In short,
    1) For 11006 – Two ways: a) Either schedule YPR departure at 7am and BGM arrival at 17:55-18:00(5 min halt, and timings like the earlier time table, before extension)
    b) Keep YPR departure at same time, but reach Hubli earlier, around 14:45 or 14:50 and depart at 14:55 / 15:00….and reach BGM before 18:00(around 17:40/45) , and Miraj around 20:00
    2) For 11005,
    a) Reach and depart Miraj 5 min earlier than currently scheduled time & Give good priority in PCH-BGM section, to depart BGM on time and reach Hubli Junction on time, despite getting Khanapur halt
    b) Suggest to remove Alnavar halt if possible
    c) Reduce 10-15 time between Birur- Arsikere stretch…too much slack here..also ARR & DEP Birur 5-10 min earlier (5pm) and Arsikere around 17:40/45
    d) Can Arrive YPR around 20:15/20:30 if these are implemented

  3. Do include (rbg) RAYBAG in your development work. provide stoppage at rbg RAYBAG for chalukya express,sharawati exp. and Hubli-LTT EXP.


  4. One more thing I would like to add here.

    There is a train from Manuguru to Kolhapur (Formerly Hyderabad Kolhapur Express). It departs Hyderabad at night 11.10 PM and reaches Belagavi next day evening 5.00 PM. I don’t understand what the hell is the use of this train to the people of Belagavi.

    There must be a better line from Hyderabad to Belagavi. The best would be to connect Bagalkot line to Belagavi and run a super-fast train from Hyderabad to Belagavi.

    Railways is one thing where Belagavi is always ignored. As much as they collect tax from everybody, they must also give the facilities to the people of Belagavi.

    • This train is only to benefit Hubli ppl & its railway employees. Run that train via Pandharpur-Solapur-Gulbarga-Wadi. Have a connecting train from Belgavi that starts from Hubli.

  5. 1. As Anmod ghat is closed and Chorla ghat being in the worst scenario, start daily train from Belgaum to Goa, currently there is a train only on Sunday and daily trains at night time.
    2. Expansion of the current Railway station
    3. Start direct train route from Belgaum to Hubli / Dharwad via Kittur, as the route via Londa takes a longer time
    4. As Belgaum is a hub for foundry industries, start Railway factories in Belgaum, that would boost jobs in the region.
    5. Escalators/lift to climb to the cross-over footbridge.
    6. Extend the Jan-Shatabdi Bangalore to Hubli till Belgaum
    7. Most of the Belgaumites are working in Bangalore or Pune or Hyderabad. Start daily trains to those destinations as these private buses charge a bomb on tickets; especially during festivals.

  6. Also revert 11097 Poorna express to its previous Timings… Belagavi are/departed at 7:45-50am
    Now it’s because too slow.
    Also 11098 wastes lot of time at Londa Jn and Madgaon Jn…should ensure that it reaches Belagavi on time
    Only wise decision done was to change 17318 timings …to make it an overnight train..but 11097 got badly affected due to its change in 17318 timings

    • I agree with you as elected representatives wake up only before the elections to fetch brownie points & get elected again! All these should have been accomplished / taken up long ago. Better late than never.

  7. Did AAB send these suggestions to Suresh Angadi & what were his reactions [considering elections are approaching?].

    Why did the DRUCC/ ZRUCC members from BGM not highlight any of these issues in their meeting with SWR officials?

  8. Why should buggies be provided only for children, Pregnant Women & Old people… Are disabled or differently abled people not human beings… Dont they have problems… Please keep them also in mind and provide buggies in railway station Belagavi…


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