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Vinayak Jambotkar: Running taught me to challenge myself and follow my passion

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Meet Vinayak R Jambotkar who started to take part in Marathon just two years ago, has won many accolades for his effort at the Marathon.

He has been running for fitness for the past 17 years but he took the marathon seriously two years ago.

Some accomplishments:

Kolhapur Marathon 2019- 2nd place overall for 42 Kms in 3 hr 06 min
Tata Mumbai Marathon 2019- 3rd place in his age category – 42 Kms in 3hr 10 min

Goa river marathon 2018- 3rd place overall – 42 Kms – in 3 hr 12min

Malnad Ultra 2018 -6th place overall 80 Kms in 9 hr 34 min (Cut-off time 15hr)

Rugged Sahyadri-Ultra Trail Run – Panhala to Pawankhind 2018 -1 st overall- 50 Kms in 5 hr 40 minutes

Kolhapur Marathon 2018 -2nd in his age category – 42 Kms in 3 hr 22 min
Vinayak says, Since I started running on a regular basis, I really fell in love with running and I couldn’t imagine a life without running anymore. I also like to challenge myself and push my limits. At first, running was for fitness, but now it’s both fitness & passion.

What I enjoy about running is, can do it anywhere and make new friends and a good form of exercise. Also, help to explore new places and after a run stress levels go down you feel good & positive which is much needed in this current scenario.

Vinayak Jambotkar Running

To take part in Marathon, one must build endurance levels. I run daily 13 Kms & weekend 30 to 35 Kms as long runs are important as they help build your endurance. Always sleep on time and do strength training to build your muscles which help you in running. Most important keep a check on hydration, nutrition which helps on the race day. One week before the race the intensity of the workout, training runs should be low and try to rest your body to make it to the race day’ he added.

Vinayak said meals before the race should be as usual what you eat daily, just avoid spicy food during a race and try and include banana, date’s, water or energy mix drinks to hydrate and after a race, you can have what you crave for but not for a long time.

I am no one to advise anyone, but what I have learned, new runners must get proper training and just don’t register for any race, or else there could be chances of injuries.

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