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Soil from the foothills of Rajhuns Gad been stolen away for road work

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Rajhunsgad or Yellurgad (Yellur Fort) on the hillock with a breathtaking view is now witnessing something which one had not imagined.

The construction company involved in the construction of the Alarwad to Kahanaour bypass is stealing the soil from the foothills of the Rajhuns Gad.

The majestic forty situated nearly 2,500 ft (762 m) above sea level which dates back to history many centuries ago among different kingdom and its rulers including the Yadavas, Hoysalas, Bahamani, Adilshahi, Peshwas-Marathas.

Now the construction company is using excavators to remove the soil and use it for dumping for the road.

The villagers say they don’t have any permission for the same and all the work is been done after dusk in the night.

The notable point here is work is been carried out only in the dark and in the day time, the Dumpers and JCB are lying below the Fort.

rajhuns-gad-soil-stealLocal villagers did stop the work but the authorities must intervene and stop this kind unwarranted work which can hurt the structure of the fort itself.

The Govt apathy towards forts is nothing new, but saving this historical piece of architecture for the next generations is a must.

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