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Demolition drive must be restarted – Upa Lokayukta

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Karnataka State Upa Lokyukta Subhash Adi speaking at Belgaum

Demolition drive against the illegal buildings and illegal basements must be restarted and such instructions were given to DC N Jayaram by Karnataka State Upa Lokyukta Subhash Adi.

Adi said that the drive commenced last month was stopped abruptly after some political interference, which should not be tolerated and the joint action by BUDA and City corporation must be restarted.

He further said there are about 175 illegal layouts in the city, and how is that they have come up.

The Upa Lokayukta further said that the Commissioner must not heed to any kind of political interference at any stage.  

6 thoughts on “Demolition drive must be restarted – Upa Lokayukta”

  1. How far will they be successful ? What were the authorities doing when these illegal buildings and basements for parking and illegal layouts were coming up ? It clearly shows the corruption and the efficiency of the authorities involved. Authorities please stop all this and save the common man.

  2. Agree with Chetan’s comments. First let the hon’ble Upa Lokayukta catch all the culprits responsible for this mess. There are multiple reasons for people to take no heed of the regulations. First land use change has to be permitted from Bangalore. This cannot be done without loads of cash and end less trips to Bangalore. Sir it would be great if you could trap some of the officers responsible for this @ Bangalore. Next is getting NA from DC office and layout approval from BUDA. This is another herculean task for a common man to get it done.

    All the above require loads of cash, otherwise officers bring into act the famous red-tape. Pay the money and all get over looked. Upa Lokayukta you would do a godly service by cleaning up the process than targeting the already hapless common man. Try to bring in a single window transparent system where things get resolved in say 60 days for all the above process.

    The root cause of all this is massive corruption which should be your focus on eliminating rather than demolishing the home of a poor man who has pooled all his life savings into it. Please apply the law in spirit and not in letter only. You all may be right in this world but there is a law above for all of us and you need to hold your head high there.

    Do a one time regularization and then act firmly after that only if you are able to bring transparency into the process. All the best and please stop this non sense demolition drive.

  3. the lokayukta dont know common man problem , first all are curuupt officers, then they are doing demolisn . first lokayukata check the city roads and every where kachara , pigs and dogs , city so dirty possition rainy seasons , and road so much damage …. last projects road also damge how much curupt govt. offices….

  4. Good move, still lot need to come, illegal water connections, illegal elecriticity connections during festivals, three people ridding on one bike, illeagal cut outs / poster on road, illeagal stalls on road, illeagal religious placess, no prepaid auto yet in the city, all auots cover with balck not transperent glasses and our belgaum corporators and ministers silent 🙂

  5. Sir honurable lokayukta massive corruption goes in all govt offices everyday your lokayukta office is situated next to subregistras office where everyone knows daily every single transaction is done with bribes and massive corruption first clear the corruption and then demolish poor mans houses and basement shops


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