Demolition of Kala mandir commences

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As early as 2010, it was planned KalaMandir to be rebuilt as a Shopping complex, and now the same is yielding fruits under the Smart city project.
The Kala Mandir property has now been officially handed over to Belagavi Smart city Ltd and now the demolition of the building has commenced.

Kalamandir, Tilakwadi which was home to garbage trucks, the entire structure will be demolished and a new commercial complex would be built.

PC: Dharmen Purohit

Development of Kalamandir – 46.68 Crore

Contractor: Yankee Construction Bengaluru
Completion date: Feb 2021
Basement+Ground+2 floors, where the second floor will have a Multiplex.
Basement: Car Parking
Ground Floor: Shops
First Floor: Shops & Food Court
Second Floor: Meeting Hall Lobby, Multiplex which will have a steel roof

Also it will have a hawkers zone. 42 shop owners who were basically rehabilitated from Congress road after master plan have gone to court. The work would be commenced but those shops won’t be demolished.
The area on which these 42 shops are built was to be part of the overall development but as of now work will commence leaving this part.


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  1. One more mall coming up in belagavi ..that is so sad ..! Instead of a mall coming up in its place ,Kalamandir would have been turned into a art lovers paradise or a art center …


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