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Upgraded Belagavi Airport to lose its only AirBus Flight

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The Belagavi airport just managed to reach 6 flights a day from 0, and after the upgradation, Air India was the lone player who was flying an Air Bus to Belagavi.

But the bad news is always there for the people of Belagavi, we are always treated differently and only God knows why?

From June 1, Air India will Stop its Air Bus service to Belagavi.

The Belagavi airport has been upgraded and now is capable of handling Air Bus 300/320 type aircraft and for the same, the runway was expanded.

But now the morning Airbus flight which had a 95% load factor will be stopped. So instead of three flights to Bengaluru, we will be on two and the best morning flight to BLR is no more there.

The Airbus plane has been diverted to Hubbali and the Hubballi – Bengaluru ATR plane will be shifted to Belagavi.

If there aren’t gonna be any AirBus planes then why was this airport expanded and why was so much of land acquired in the first place. The Instrument landing system (ILS)work is in progress at the Sambra airport which will make it easier for night landing.

But even after expansion of the runway if only ATR’s have to be flying from here, why was this expanded spending so much of money.

And why is that the lone Air Bus service has been shifted to Hubballi. Our newly elected Member of parliament may not be aware of this or he might be aware but may not know about the Airbus or the ATR.

Now after the IXG-BLR flight cancellation from Belagavi, it will start HBX-BLR from June 1. So in short, the flight from here has been shifted to HBX.

Marking for the bigger planes at the IXG airport

Many reading would say this is the Airlines priority, but as elected representatives, they must try and get the best to the city. Here we had got it but have now lost it, so who is responsible?

Is there some kind of arrangement, the best things which will be planes, routes go to HBX and then whatever remains comes to Belagavi. Be it buses or planes are treated always differently and the worst part is our MP’s and MLA’s never ever raise a voice against this.


Many would comment is this the only thing the elected Representatives should be working for? No, but this also has to be done to create an image for the city.

Belagavi has never been a brand on its own even when it has the capacity and has more resources than other cities, but one has never ever seen Belagavi with that view.

We are all laid back, planes are canceled- “What can I Do if it is canceled? How can I fight for it ?”

Elected representatives, please get up and act, it is not that we are just losing an Airbus plane we are losing our identity and when no one raises a voice it is assumed people are happy and contented, when in reality there is a fire burning but no one wants to turn that fire into an inferno.

We again have to come together and restart the SaveIXG campaign, we need the best.

29 thoughts on “Upgraded Belagavi Airport to lose its only AirBus Flight”

  1. I strongly suggest that this news be brought to the notice of our Elected Representatives & why always Belagavi is treated inferior aganist Hubballi where as we the people of Belagavi are much more sophisticated & literate compared to other Districts in Karnataka

  2. Our elected representative can’t utter a word in front of Delhi/Gujarat bosses. We have to live with it because we are patriots. India is in danger, Pakistan is going to attack us and only they can save us. Bharat Mata ki Jai. Jai shree ram. Mandir wahi banayenge.

  3. This is just the trailer… worst is yet to come….! In the name of Modi jaruri hai… we became majburi…. wake up …jago… #SaveIXG….
    save ?Smart City Belgaum…

  4. There are mainly two issues in this regard..
    One is HD MP joshi making more political games & pressure on airlines.
    Second thing is our elected representatives are sleeping and useless . We elected wrong man & soon we realize it.

  5. Mr. Suresh Angadi, this is why we voted for you???
    Come on, wake up, do something….. Bring some pride to BELAGAVI… Respect the faith of people of BELAGAVI, reposed in you….

  6. Yes voices should be raised in all angles and more efforts to be done by MP’s and MLA’s hope in future we may get more wait and see.. first we need atleast one flight to Mumbai..

  7. For what about spicejet cxld his under udan-2 fligth from hubli hbx-hyd & transfer to belguam by under udan-3 IXG-hyd rout & now no more air connectivty to HYD from h.d Twin city.

  8. Udayjee……. Im sure the Belgaum Airport was expanded to accomodate the Angles to Land & takeoff…….? What a waste & Insult……. Belgaum should rise & claim its due share…… Also the Resprenstatives should request for an Maintenance Repair & Overhaul MRO facility for Aircraft as we have the necessary talent resource pool…..

  9. Sad news for Belagavi. The only way is to protest. The time is to start save IXG campaign again. Our representative needs to know what is happening. Bring this matter to the notice of concerned authorities immediately. Hope good sense will prevail.

  10. We people from hubli also feel the same
    Its just that both cities need to developed on parallel or on basis of the paying capacity
    Due to military base belgaum may be loosing out profits than actually gaining
    You can’t have it all
    Once military is active state can’t do much
    Inspite of that suvarna souda was planned
    The air port was upgraded
    Even though no buisness prospects are there
    Belgaum is politically unstable

  11. This is not the first time..! Previous Chennai belgaum flight which was always with a good load factor was shifted to Hubli ! ?

  12. Now it’s time to see what the elected representative can do or are they just for the name sake. With no tounge and sense of what’s happening to or city. It’s such a shame Hubli victory over belgaum.
    Better start the #saveIXG campaign. Only then things will work out.

  13. This is not less than a fraud on the part of Belagavites, which should not br tolerated.How can you withdraw a flight which has more than 90 percenr load occupancy ? What is the criterias of choosing a flight sector by the DGCA ? Is it just arbitrary or having some policy? Air India can’t operate at the whims and fancy of some vested interest.It’s a Government airline and it can’t behave in a autocratic manner.
    We were hoping to get all the flights under UDAN 3 to be operationalised as soon as possible. But this decision of the DGCA is quite disturbing.We can’t be made fools in this way all the time.
    I would like to call upon the Intelectuals, acamedicians,schoolers. journalists,businessman and Belagavites in general to fight this unjust withdrawal of AI tooth and nail

  14. Social media is a strong medium but we as citizens need to give written requests to our representatives so that they are aware of these happenings. Certain public forums need to be arranged for interaction between the public and the authorities

  15. It’s better if the city didn’t develop…or else it will not take much time to convert like BENGALURU.. Already it’s being destroyed under the name of Smart city . more than original residential outsiders will reside.

  16. Why all filghts shifting bec of in Belagavi people they doesn’t hve GUTs that’s wy every time this happing politics r else or MPs don’t hve knowledge that much… Or if Joshi doing his work… Wat is problem fr our local MPs & MLAs Rajya Saba member’s… Big???????!????!?!????!????

  17. In the name of developement just detroy city ..more than localites outsiders are more …20 years back the beauty of our city was spechless now its turning into garbage city ….destroy its greenary , peace and everything …coming to sambra airport there was no point of developement its just that someone wants to be elected for election so did the changes by snaching acres of farmers land . Aray kamino itna hi lutane ka shock hai toh gareebo ka land hi kyun … being residence of sambra i feel sad no one is thinking about farmers who have lost der land just for this f*** airport

  18. The MLA’s & MP’s should totally to the officials should speak up… There are no direct flights to Pune, Mumbai and the other cities… Adding to it Belgaum is also added in the list of smart cities.
    The officials are only interested in changing the names of the city….

  19. Gutlessness on the part of influential persons is clearly evident. Belgaum, not Belagavi, needs to be more assertive.

  20. Very disappointed again, I was frequently traveller on that route and was one of the best in business in terms of time and services. Why Hubli takes all good things from belgau?. Hubli have many flights to Bangalore all through the day until late night but still their MP has taken lone airbus from belgaum. I hope our MP who is currently in delhi will take this matter to concerned authorities and get back Air india airbus back to belgaum. High time we belgamites only suffers because hubli is giant in terms of power play.

  21. Let’s start the campaign what are we waiting for we fall short of time let do it we can do it. We are the change. We will leave no Stone unturned.

  22. That is so sad to hear, Belgaum also has been deprived of direct air connect to Mumbai. Sheer politics from the very folks we vote into power.


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