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Derailed Engine has been re-railed at Dudhsagar – Work in Progress

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The derailed engine at Dudhsagar-Sonaulim Section has been re-railed at 5:18 PM on 23.7.21. The two coaches have been re-railed at 4 AM of 24.7.21 and the site has been cleared by 4.45 AM.

Now, more than 100 laborers, 2 excavators are working to clear the muck, debris from the spot and restore track at the earliest.

Despite heavy rainfall, railway staff is putting their best efforts into the restoration. Senior Officers from HQ and Hubballi Division including are present at the site and monitoring continuously.

The Ghat section is reachable only by rail and does not have road access.

At two spots landslide had occurred between Caranzol-Dudhsagar (at Tunnel No. 7) and Dudhsagar-Sonaulim on 23.7.21.


At Tunnel No. 7: debris, muck, rubble, and earth cleared at 2 AM in early hrs of the morning today.

Now at 2.15 PM, the track has been cleared and restored for traffic at the second spot viz., Dudhsagar-Sonaulim.


A speed restriction of 10 kmph has been imposed, temporarily, in view of safety and further monitoring of the spots and nearby locations will be carried out for the next 24-48 hrs, very closely.

To prevent further landslips, and erosion of the earth of the hill due to rain, shoring arrangements are being done using rails and sleepers at these spots and nearby other spots.

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