Dharwad- Belagavi new line work would be expedited – Pralhad Joshi

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Pralhad Joshi Union minister for parliamentary affairs, coal and mines spaeking in Hubbali said the work of Dharwad- Belagavi rail line would be expedited.

The minister said, Dharwad- Belagavi new line work would be expedited I have spoken to Union railway minister Piyush Goyal in this regard. 

We are committed to finish the long pending railway projects of the state, new railway line works are delayed due to land acquisition, we have requested the CM to allocate land for the works, we will ensure that all the projects get completed at the earliest possible.

The 97 kms stretch will need Rs.545.550 crores and the Rate of return estimated by railways is 7.08%.

The first basic survey was done in 2003. The survey was submitted to the Railway board for approval and also the planning commission in 2012.

Belgaum Dharwad New rail line map

There would be 13 stations in-between Belgaum and Dharwad namely: Halga, Ganikoppa, Tigudi, Sampagaon, Bailvadi, Bailhongal, Naginhal, Hunshikatti, Kittur, Teguru, Heggeri, Mommingatti, Kyrakop.

Belgaum is proposed to be made as a junction along with Kyrakop.

It is to be seen in this years budget if any allocation is made for the actual work to commence. 

belgaum-dharwad-rail-line station

11 thoughts on “Dharwad- Belagavi new line work would be expedited – Pralhad Joshi”

    • Why this proposed line passing through iit dharawad. IIT is big project came to dharawad now it’s disturing Iit project. And also survey was done in Karnataka housing board colony. How these people plan.

    • शेक सर
      भूरा न माने आप एक मुस्लिम होते बी एक हिंदू मंदिर और लोग का बारे में सोच आपका बहुत अच्छा है
      सारे हिंदू मुस्लिम ऐसा होता हिंदुस्तान स्वर्गीय स्थान होता सर।।थैंक u सर
      VS ई ट्रैक रेलवे लाइन होना जरूरी सर

  1. Why the proposed route of KK kop, Bagewadi, M.K. Hubli, Kittur etc. Is it that with the sad demise of Sri Suresh Angadiji his dream plans of that route and the proposed Railway factory at Kittur got shelved?

  2. This will help to create by-pass line for Goods train from Sulebhavi to Bailhongal. It will reduce huge train traffic. Similar thing has created around Hubballi station also. Amargol to Kusugal new by-pass line.

  3. Karnataka has a big set of useless MPs and MLAs ,, think only about self, or to make money, I don’t think Dharwad Belgaum railway line may be completed by about 20 years later

  4. This will perhaps reduce the distance between Bengaluru and Pune/Mumbai and the resultant travel time. While double lines will be aa necessity for speedy transportation, would it not be a prudent to run the line parallel to the National/Asian Highway further straightening the road wherever possible instead of the zig-zag path as is shown on the map?

  5. Please make Hubli as starting point for above survey as major connectivity is from Hubli, which already has Zonal Headquarters that can speed up the work as well as inspection procedures.


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