Dr Prashant Ginimuge’s wildlife photo exhibition

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Passion towards wildlife photography and love for nature which has helped Dr Prashant Ginimuge, an anesthesiologist by profession in hosting his first ever exhibition of 7-day displaying breathtaking images of wildlife and nature, at Anand Art Gallery premises in Belagavi from Monday. The exhibition will conclude on October 23.

Dr Prashant Ginimuge's wildlife photo exhibition
Dr Prashant Ginimuge at his wildlife photo exhibition

The exhibition of Dr Ginimuge displays commended wildlife photographs taken in all corners of the world and also touching the feel of natures beauty, climate change and more. The exhibition is quite simply breathtaking and a must visit for anyone interested in photography, to see these incredible images. The craze of photography has encouraged Dr Ginimuge to visit different places in South Africa, for grasping exclusive wildlife photographs.

Dr Ginimuge recalled that after completion of his graduation, he continued his higher studies at Bengaluru, where he was introduced to his senior Dr Vindya Kumar. `Gradually, we became good friends and when I noted his interest in wildlife photography, I too was fascinated to it. That was the moment when I too started photography in my spare time,’ he said.

Photo Exhibition from 17 to 23rd October at Anand Art Gallery , Frame world next Hotel Adarsh Palace off College Road
11AM to 8PM.

Dr Ginimuge, usually on Sunday wee hours, moves around along with his camera in the outskirts of the city. And the amazing photographs he has succeeded to catch of birds and nature, is hard to believe that they have been taken within the city outskirts.

Dr Ginimuge said that it was the passion for photography which helped in developing more thicker friendship between him and Dr Kumar, who is also an anesthesiologist by profession. They both have been touring together to places like Kenya in Africa which are blessed with wildlife and nature beyond imaginations, he said.

Dr Ginimuge operates two higher end DSLR cameras with lens like 500 mm F4, 50 mm F1.8 (reverse), 14 mm F2.8 and more. His photography which he has displayed in the exhibition, has won hearts of even professional photographers, giving a new identity to Dr Ginimuge as an outstanding photographer of wildlife.

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