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Driving License not dispatched by RTO as Govt has not released funds for Dispatch

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Chief Minister Basavraj Bommai had launched 30 transport services, including 19 Vahan (to do with vehicle registration) and 11 Sarathi (driving license). Taking these services online was expected to reduce crowding at RTOs by around 70% and save around 70 crore papers per year.

No doubt online is easy, but in reality, it is a different story.

Inam Soudagar had renewed his Driving license on 20th January and he also got a message that the same was printed on 29th January, but since then the same has not yet been dispatched to him.

He tried everything to contact and see what is wrong and why he is not getting his DL.

Speaking to AAB he said, I desperately contacted Superintendent RTO Belagavi and in an official reply on Whatsapp if we may say so, “Government has NOT released funds for dispatch.”

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This was the reply given by the RTO Belagavi on why the DL has not yet been dispatched.

Inam, adds, I have paid requisite DL renewal fees, but the RTO is not dispatching the DL as they don’t have funds for dispatch is very funny and annoying.

If the applicant has paid the requisite fees, he should be given the service, in this case, the DL must be dispatched to him.

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