Dudhsagar waterfalls open for visitors from Goa

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The majestic Dudhsagar waterfalls is now officially opened by the Goa Forest department for visitors.

This is the only official way to see the majestic waterfalls as trekking from Castle rock to falls is banned by the railways and you can be fined heavily.

The charges levied by the Association for the round trip is Rs. 400/head subject to a maximum of 07 adults/vehicle. Separate entry charges are payable to the Forest Dept. as per Government approved rates for entry into the National Park.

dudhsgarThe journey from Collem to Dudhsagar falls and back for a distance of 12 kms one way on fair weather kutcha road has to be performed in the jeeps permitted for this purpose by the Goa Forest Department.

The circuit is open on all days of the week and timings of operations are 08:30 hrs to 16:00 hrs.

Kind attention of the esteemed visitors and tourists to Dudhsagar falls tourist circuit located in Bhagwan Mahaveer National Park, Mollem is invited to the following important guidelines for the 2016-17 season.

i) The Dudhsagar Tourist circuit shall be opened to the visitors w.e.f. 24/10/16 (Mon) and the daily timings for entry shall be between 08 30 AM to 04 00 PM.
But sighting demand due to Diwali holidays same has been opened on October 13 only.

ii) The total number of trips per day shall be limited to 225. No additional trips shall be permitted. Visitors/tourists will be allowed on first come first served basis. No tourists/visitors will be allowed after the completion of 225 trips on a given day.

iii) Only the jeeps registered with Forest department, Goa shall make trips in the circuit. No private vehicles including 2 wheelers shall be permitted to enter the tourist circuit from Collem entry gate. The movement of private vehicles entering the National Park from Mollem shall be restricted only up to Aranyak campsite.

iv) All visitors are requested to take life jackets available on hire while undertaking the visit. Entering the falls without life jackets is prohibited.

v) Entry to the falls from the Railway track is not allowed.

vi) Number of Adults per vehicle shall be restricted to 7 (seven).

The visitors are requested to co-operate with the staff of Goa Forest Department and follow all regulations in place for an enjoyable experience.

Kind attention of the esteemed visitors and tourists to Dudhsagar falls located in Bhagwan Mahaveer National Park, Mollem is invited to the following important aspects.

No private vehicles are permitted to operate in the circuit.

The vehicles are allowed in batches of 30 at hourly time slots as indicated below-
1. 8:30 hrs 2. 9.30 hrs 3. 10:30 hrs 4. 11:30 hrs 5. 12.30 hrs 6. 13:30 hrs 7. 14:30 hrs 8. 15:30 hrs 9. 16:00 hrs [15 jeeps].

Esteemed visitors are requested to make a note of the same and accordingly plan their trips to Dudhsagar falls by reaching Collem and follow the time slots indicated above in order to avoid inconvenience.

For further information on the trips, please contact Dudhsagar Tour Operators Association, Collem on 0832-2600075 (Landline) or 9423812828/9423811449/ 9545924816 (Mobiles) E-mail : [email protected]

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