Even 50% discount does not attract citizens to pay Traffic violation fine

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Currently, only 4,500 cases have been resolved with a fine of ₹ 12 lahks, according to PV Sneha DCP Crime & Traffic Belagavi.

The 50% discount offered by the state government for paying traffic violation fines is not being well received in Belagavi city, with only 4,500 out of 6.28 lakh cases being resolved using e-challan.

Out of all the vehicles, two-wheelers have the highest number of traffic rule violations, totaling 6.28 lakh cases. This encompasses vehicles registered in the RTO offices of Belagavi, Gokak Chikkodi, Bailahongal, and neighboring areas of Goa and Maharashtra.

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However, some of these vehicles have incorrect owner addresses and changed mobile numbers, leading to e-challans being issued from 2018 to 2023 to those without vehicles for traffic violations, with a 50% discount being offered to motorists to pay their fines.

  • Helmet – 4. 12 lakh Cases
  • Breaking the signal – 1.20 lakh Cases
  • Triple Riding- 45245 Cases
  • others – 51205 Cases

A total of ₹26 crores is still owed for traffic violation fines. To encourage payment, the government has offered a 50% discount on fines to be paid until February 11th. Despite this incentive, many vehicle owners have yet to come forward to pay their fines.

As a reminder, motorists with outstanding fines for traffic violations are being notified via text message. Owners with fines ranging from INR 5,000 to 10,000 are also being personally contacted. Payment can be made at the designated Traffic South Camp Police Station or through the Karnataka ONE website.

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