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Excise Officials Caught Stealing Seized LIQUOR Boxes; Five Suspended

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By uday

The theft of confiscated beer boxes by Excise officials has caused quite a stir in Belagavi. A total of 753 liquor boxes were seized from a transport vehicle near Modekoppa village in Khanapur taluk, but the very next day, 301 boxes went missing. It was later discovered that the officers and staff involved in the confiscation were responsible for the theft.

As a result, five staff members, including Excise Inspector Davalsaba Sindogi and Sadashiv Korti, as well as Excise Deputy Inspector Pushpa Gadadi, have been suspended. An FIR has also been registered against them.

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This incident has raised serious concerns about the integrity of Excise officials and their ability to carry out their duties with honesty and professionalism.

The theft of confiscated goods is a serious offense and undermines the very purpose of confiscation. It is important that the public has faith in the authorities responsible for enforcing the law and that they are held accountable for their actions. The Excise department must take swift and decisive action to restore public trust and ensure that such incidents do not occur again.

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