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Ramesh Jarkhiholi meets Amit Shah in Delhi

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By uday

Amit Shah held a crucial meeting with Ramesh Jarkhiholi in Delhi, who has been tirelessly campaigning for BJP candidates for the upcoming assembly elections.

During their three-hour meeting, Shah sought feedback on the political developments in the Belagavi district and shared a master plan to win the maximum number of BJP candidates in the area. Jarkhiholi has been given significant responsibility and a green signal to execute a master stroke in favor of the BJP in the upcoming elections.

Jarkhiholi informed Shah about the political happenings in the Belagavi district, the party activities of BJP leaders, and the strategies he has devised to hoist the BJP flag again in the region. Shah, who had witnessed Jarkhiholi’s role in forming the government, had immense confidence in him and entrusted him with the responsibility of eighteen assembly constituencies in the Belagavi district.

Ramesh Jarkhiholi meets Amit Shah

Jarkhiholi expressed his enthusiasm and commitment to work for the victory of the BJP by following the instructions given by Shah.

The meeting between Shah and Jarkhiholi has sparked curiosity and anticipation among political enthusiasts.

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