Farmers halt road work through standing crop

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Farmers of Yellur were caught unaware when a earthmover came in to their fields and started destroying the standing crop. Shetkari Bachao Samiti said that a road was being built without their consent under the pressure of the MLA Abhay Patil. The Samiiti gave a memorandum to the DC and said that such things should be stopped immediately.

The gram panchayat had proposed to lay the road from Yarmal to Yellur and awarded the contract work to an influential contractor. The gram panchayat for taking up construction of nearly 4-km stretch of road through their rich agricultural fields.farmland

Farmers alleged that Gram panchayat was forced for this decision under pressure from the MLA, even though there was no need to lay a road through the agricultural fields. Farmers here have been cultivating Belgaum Basmati paddy and other crops throughout the year. A majority of the farmers had small or marginal holdings and would lose their source of livelihood if road work continued.

Farmers also demanded compensation for the loss caused to the standing crop. The Samiti members have made it clear that may what come no road would be allowed to be made from their fertile agricultural land. 

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  1. I second RKP, he has earned the degree and credentials to score scholars in states like UP and Bihar.

    Looks like the contractor badly needed some funds and failing to find any roads for re-carpeting, reconstruction etc in the villege, he would have said “LETS MAKE A NEW ROAD”


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