Farmers want road through farm land

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After the road work was halted by a few farmers of Yarmal in Yellur, today a group of farmers and their families gave a memorandum to the DC asking him not to halt the development work undertaken by the MLA Abhay Patil. 

The gram panchayat had proposed to lay the road from Yarmal to Yellur and awarded the contract work to an influential contractor. The gram panchayat for taking up construction of nearly 4-km stretch of road through their rich agricultural fields.

Today farmers were shouting slogans in favor of the MLA and also demanded that no politics should be brought into developmental works.

Last week the farmers whose land was dug up for the road had raised their voice and had halted the work. yellurfarm

9 thoughts on “Farmers want road through farm land”

  1. The farmers had stopped the road work through the farm , Now the farmers want the road to pass through the farm. The thing is dicey ,one cannot digest.

  2. I like that the farmers wants road through this what every belgaumite wants 2 do.If everybody come forward than r’s Belgaum will become metro city.

  3. Development ? You need to understand the farmers on who’s land the road is being dug up.

    a fertile land is precious. Green gold.

    why can’t the road be dug up avoiding fertile lands.

  4. The Problem is now in yellor road the farmers are selling the land they make plots and they are selling it for high price its illegal and construction of homes are taking place so fast but cant do anything ……………….

  5. Good to see the latest update in Belgaum being in outstation of Belgaum.. Farmers land should not go to plots or anyother purposes.. Since We cannot get inborn farmer with his valuable land. But we can get plot and land to build house in other places.

  6. Another way is equivalent amount of fertile area land shall be given by goverment to farmer at another place to resolve this issue. Development should not be stopped ………..


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