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Vote for your Belgaumite of the year 2012

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Voting ends on January 10, 2013  and winner would be declared on January 15, 2013.
AAB’s Belgaumite of the Year 2012, the most credible award of the city is back for the 3rd consecutive year. The award recognizes the Belgaumites whose contribution to the city in a calendar year has strengthened the foundation of our society.3 - new Backdrop.

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Yvonne Lomax – Featured on “Amazing Indian” on Times Now. “To live is to love”, 66-year-old Yvonne Lomax decided to live life with austerity after she lost her husband. Instead of wallowing in self pity over her husband’s untimely demise, she decided to come to the rescue of those who were abandoned and left to die by their own loved ones. This humanitarian gives shelters to destitutes in her own house, ‘Home for the Homeless’.



RajeshshindeRajesh Shinde – has been honored with the EKLAVYA award for the year 2010-11. He was affected with polio in one of his legs at a very early age. But he had a desire to develop as a swimmer and his dedication towards the sport has resulted in him successfully swimming the English Channel. He has represented India at 7 International Events including the Commonwealth Games held at New Delhi and has won total of 11 International Medals.(4 Gold Medals, 5 Silver Medals, 2 Bronze Medals);his best being 4 Gold medals at FESPIC Youth Games, held at Hong Kong in 2003.




Suresh Hundre – Discipline and ethics are a thing with greater repute than monetary accomplishment. Belgaum is fortunate to have a guiding light in the form of Mr. Suresh Hundre of the Polyhydron Group. His contribution to industry and society at large with his association with various social causes like the Ekal Foundation, Aadhar Foundation and other socially committed organizations.



vijaymoreVijay More – To go beyond the living and care even for the dead is the driving force of this less heralded Belgaumite. He has been of great service to society. Having done the last rites for and cremated about 413 forgotten souls, he took care of 35 such cases in the year 2012. He has helped the Kallava Sidhogi, an athelete, and raised money for her treatment. He is also the man-in-charge at Shantai Vrudhashrama where the elderly occupants rejected by their loved ones or those with none to care for, look up to him as son in their twilight years. Vijay More is also involved in various activities at the Civil Hospital with the TB ward.




Anita Rodrigues – runs “Karunalaya-a Home for the dying, destitute, poor and abandoned of the city of Belgaum”. Karunalaya is not an old age home. It is specifically meant for those that society chooses to ignore and shun as unimportant. It is the embracing of these needy souls that serves as “Life’s Calling” for this differently committed Belgaumite that all are proud of.





Deepak Dhadoti – is the National face of the accomplishment of industry in Belgaum. His dedicated team at Servo Controls has put Belgaum on the world map with their contribution towards aviation and missile technology.



Navalgund Niranjan – Playing chess since 8 years Niranjan is a International FIDE Rated chess player who has won National U-17 Chess Championship. Represented Belgaum Dist & was one among the Karnataka team in the Educational Deptt National level Chess Championship where he bagged medals continuously for 3 years & was successful in bringing the team championship to Belgaum.  He is the first chess player from Northern Karnataka who represented India in the Commonwealth and Asian Chess Championships. He won an individual Silver medal in the Commonwealth & 2 Team Gold medals in the Asian championship.





Moin Junnedi– has made it to the India book of records as the “youngest swimmer with Locomotive disability”. Moin suffers from Osteogenesis imperfecta (OI and sometimes known as brittle bone disease).This young lad is a living representation of sheer grit in the face of adversity.
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Selection Process

Level – 1: Editorial Board draws the list of Nominees

Level – 2: More nominations are called from the public

Level – 3: ‘The Jury’ ratifies the list of Nominees

The AAB jury selected X persons. After receiving nominations, the jury evaluated and finalized the nominees. The jury consisted of people from various backgrounds and included professionals in the field of IT, recruitment, banking, academics, Painters, Photographers, Chartered Accountants, reporters, businessmen and senior citizens.

Level – 4: The Citizens Vote

Conditions: All the decisions taken by and its jury will be final and binding.

23 thoughts on “Vote for your Belgaumite of the year 2012”

  1. By the grace of allah, moin junnedi is the special boy in belgaum and also in india, because all belgaumiste in this contest 2012 are totally fit and healthy but this is 99% physically challenged, even after that rocking in this universe by his hard work…

  2. indeed a difficult task, only I know how many times I read about each of these wonderful personals, googled them and what not, my vote is purely because I cannot choose them all.

  3. A very dedicated & focussed Chess player. Niranjan Navalgund is my choice.
    He is certain to be the next Vishwanathan Anand of the world !

  4. MOIN. children at this age need encouragement. giving him an award will not only give him further encouragement but will also be an inspiration for others like him.

  5. I am voting for Niranjan a great talent he can reach heights at international level which will be good for Belgaum. I think he deserves best Belgaumite title

  6. All are deserving candidates. However, my vote to Shri vijay More, the ex-Mayor of Belgaum. He is down to earth person and is a great social worker. hats off to him.

  7. Mr. Vijay More – The “Real Maratha” & The Great Human Being…… Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj is Idol for Him. Really working hard for our society . I have seen his work.
    Must God bless you for continuing social work. Best Luck.

  8. A difficult choice.

    While some are of the candidates have made it to the list by their selfless service and dedication to our less fortunate brothers and sisters (More, Lomax, Rodrigues..) others have personal achievement to their credit (Navalgund, Shinde, Junnedi).

    Like comparing apples and oranges.


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