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Fatal accident kills Herwadkar School principal and his family

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In a fatal car accident near. Chittor on the way back from Tirupati Uday Nadgouda principal of M V Herwadkar school expired. Along with him his wife Puja(38), his son Aditya(13) and daughter Chaitra(8) along with their driver Chandrakant Dattavde also expired.
On the rerturn from Tirupati their Alto car KA22 P4410 while over taking a trailer on a narrow bridge the car rammped into a KSRTC. bus and in the head on collission driver and Puja Nadgowda died on the spot at Bangarupalyam in Chittor district.
Chaitra had a laptop with her which did not even had a scratch. The PSI took the laptop and from details in there contacted chess Natrajan in Chennai and he inturn called up Mr.Navalgund in Belgaum.

Uday Nadgouda(42) was a very soft spoken person and he was a favorite teacher for many students. Aditya was a very good skater and swimmer and Chiatra (Std 2) was a state level chess player.

The drivers Son Onkar who had also accompanied them is now admitted to Vellore Hospital and he is he lone survivor in this accident.
The funeral will be held on Sunday morning and a condolence meeting will be held on Monday in school at 5pm.

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  1. We have lost Good Teacher, Good Human being, my family friend Uday Sir and his backbone Mrs.Pooja Madam, Talented little kid Chaitra & Sports loving Master.Aditya. Great loss. My wife started shevering when the first news came @ 11.55 pm yesterday night from Chittur Police & My Chess Friend of Chennai.No words to express my grief . MVH school management has also lost good, soft speaking Principal, Maths Teacher……………………….. Seems God sometimes becomes very cruel.

  2. It is not advisable to drive a car on the highway at Night. the following are the reasons :-

    1. It is difficult for a driver to over come sleep.(in the case of a tourist bus there are two
    drivers in a long distance drive.)thus hampering the alertness.
    2.Truck drivers are fairly intoxicated by drinks ,due to which they hit small vehicles, again
    the alertness is hampered.
    3.Some truck drivers are nasty & mischievous by denying the clearance required for
    a car to pass.
    4.Since the seat in Tucks and heavy vehicles is high ,it is difficult for truck drivers to see
    small vehicles below them.
    In any case night driving in a car/jeep is not advisable.

  3. It is great loss to the student community as teachers like Uday sir are very difficult to be found. May his soul rest in peace.

  4. My self and uday are benchmets in the thalakwadi high school from 8th std to pucii year
    after that we changed our ways
    ashi pankare yeti ani smruti thevuni jaati
    don disanchi rangat sangat
    don disanchi nati

    • As you know very well Uday was my childhood friend, we went to primary school to high school alongwith him, after his BSC.He worked with me in a civil engineer’s office, as typist cum clerk, he was very humble and sincere hard worker. He worked there for some months and left the job to join msc course and he succeeded in Masters degree. These all memories cannot wiped for our lifetime.

  5. A huge loss to the society !!! A very soft spoken, commendable knowledge,very accurate teaching overall a perfect teacher !! You shall be always remembered sir.

    May his soul rest in peace.

  6. I was deeply saddened to hear the death of Shri Uday Nadagouda, Principal, M.V.Herwadkar School, Belgaum and his wife – Pooja, son – Aditya and Daughter – Chaitra. He was my past student. He learnt English Typing, Shorthand and English Grammar in our institute. I found him very humble, simple, soft, reliable and respectable student then. Now he rose to a very high position to Principal and was an excellent teacher. He was a great source of support and help towards our social activities. We have lost a very important person. Even his wife, son and daughter were very good by nature and character and it was an ideal family. I pray to God to rest their souls in eternal peace and give the family members and students strength and courage during the sorrowful moment.

  7. We are very sorry about the sad demise of Shri Nadgouda Sir and his family. He was the favourite teacher of our childredn.

    May his soul rest in peace.

    Anil K Diwakar, Kaushal, Apoorva and Anita

  8. Huge loss to the society..since over a decade he has trained numerous budding doctors and engineers…… I still remember his classes, so patient, do humble man,…a great great human being.

  9. Sir… you shall always be remembered by one n all…. You have left an everlasting impression on our minds….. ‘hard work is the key to success” is what you preached…. We followed that.. n we shall preach that…

    may your souls rest in peace!!!!!

  10. Very sorry to know that Mr. Uday Nadgouda and his entire family passed away along with the driver. I hope and pray that all the souls departed rest in peace. Sir you all shall always be remembered in are hearts for now and for ever.

  11. I, being, one of his ex-student, feel that this loss is one of the Biggest, Irrecoverable and irreplaceable Loss to the student community in general. His dazzling knowledge, superb way of presentation and above all the dedication to the subject was at-par-excellence.

    May the departed souls rest in peace.

    Pray God to give strength to the immediate bereaved family members.

  12. Really felt very bad after knowing this incident. He was a soft hearted person, great knowledge, had the bank of patience. We have lost a GEM today. He was the living God to many of us, he shall always be rememebered.

    Rest in peace Sir..

  13. Uday Nadgouda sir was not just a teacher to us but also a person with immence talent and an idol of hope for all his students. His way of teaching were best there was.

    There was no other teacheer like him and will never be.

    May his soul rest in peace along with his family and may god give us all the strength to overcome this sorrow.

  14. It was really shocking after hearing this.
    Nadgouda Sir was always ready to help his Students anytime. Indeed a softspoken person and a role model as a Teacher. Sir, losing you is really hard to believe for all of us.

  15. May his soul rest in peace. It is shocking news and great loss to other family members. May god give them enough strength to overcome this loss.

  16. Its a great lose to our society, he was a great teacher and also a nice human being, a great matematician…..let his soul rest in peace…… we will miss u sir…….

  17. No one can replace Uday Sir. He was a very good teacher , soft spoken, helping hand any time.
    Nadgouda family is our family friend. May his soul rest in peace.

  18. It is extremely sad for us to know of this accident.. Love U Aditya and Nadgouda Sir. U all never be forgotten. We will miss u always…

  19. My heart has sunk after hearing this news. I have no words to express my sorrow over this tragedy. I was a student of Herwadkar for only a year for completing my SSLC. Nadgouda sir was a mathematics teacher back then. It was only because the faith and confidence he placed in me that I could excel in math, a subject that had been my weakness before.

    Nadgouda sir was a very soft spoken person. His style of teaching was truly the best I have seen. A person who inspired his students to reach excellence.

    I am heartbroken at this loss. May his soul rest in peace. May God give strength to his family members to bear this loss. Sir, you will be missed.

  20. Nadgouda sir is only the person who paved me a path to success in my life…. I, being his ex-student am very sad to hear such a news about sir….. I love you sir very much…. You are a memorable person in my life…… May your soul rest in peace…..


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