Fines under Motor vehicles act cut in Karnataka

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The state government on Saturday slashed the steep penalties for traffic offenses that came into force under the Motors Vehicles Act 2019.

Stiff penalties of MV Act against racing, carrying excess passengers and unauthorized interference with the vehicle have been retained as it is.

  • Driving without DL – Rs 5,000
    REVISED: 2 & 3 wheelers-Rs 1,000, LMV-Rs 2,000, others-Rs 5,000
  • Speeding Rs 2,000 REVISED: 2 & 3 wheelers-Rs 1,000, LMV-Rs 2,000
  • Using mobile phone while driving-first offence-Rs 5,000; subsequent offence-Rs 10,000; REVISED: first offence (2 & 3 wheelers-Rs 1,500, LMV-Rs 3,000); subsequent offence-Rs 10,000
  • Driving without permit-Rs 10,000 REVISED: first time-Rs 5,000; subsequent offences-Rs 10,000
  • Without seat belt-Rs 1,000 REVISED: Rs 500
  • Without helmet Rs 1,000; REVISED: Rs 500
  • Not leaving way for ambulance-Rs 10,000 REVISED: Rs 1,000
  • Sounding horn in no honking zone-Rs 1,000 REVISED: Rs 500
  • Without insurance-first offence-Rs 2,000 & subsequent offences-Rs 4,000 REVISED: 2 & 3 wheeler-Rs 1,000; LMV-Rs 2,000

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4 thoughts on “Fines under Motor vehicles act cut in Karnataka”

  1. With regards to road safety what is the importance of insurance and pollution control document.. I mean it is important for the user and why can’t the user choose to he insured for himself and his vehicle. Same with use of helmet can be left for choice of users for their safety rather than imposing heavy penalties on the user or the citizen only.
    On the other hand the critical reasons for road safety are just ignored. Like good and safe roads, clear marking of lanes, maintaining and monitoring lane discipline, height limit of plants on dividers for clear vision of the vehicle coming from other side etc…
    Only users or citizens are targeted for following the rules. I wish the rule makers and all politicians, judiciaries and bureucrates are made come out of their air conditioned cars to ride their bike on the good safe roads for which they intend to penalise the citizens..

  2. How can two or more governments make different opinion on motor and vehicle act ? When all states transportation minister already met several times to make this new amendment in m v act . We should realising non of the government is seriously thinking for road safety
    They want to do just pure politics on rider life. Which government attempted efforts to make first roads and it’s indicating signaling system correction ? Goa government taken efforts but why can’t Karnataka government announced yet that they will make road safe for riders . Government should take responsibility to make first road safe for riders . First government should make and insure rider a safe road and they should make an amendment regarding this . Otherwise heavy penalties to concern government department and corporation , MLA MP .
    Should be . Because they are responsible for ensureing citizens safety

  3. the amendmen to the m.v.act,where victim who dies in road accident r now entitle for compensation from insurance company as per limitation of the policy like mediclaim policy relief as sum insure and balance payment owener of offending vehicle should pay,earlier insurance company was paying the entier compensation amonunt to the victim and the owener was safe,this amendment is brought in the interest of insurance company and victim is further victimised by this amendment,which is injustice to legal heirs of the victim.


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