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Fire scare in Chalukya Express

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There was a fire scare in the Puduchery to Dadar Chalukya express near Chinchali station yesterday evening. 

Smoke started emanating from one of the bogie’s and all the passengers had some anxious moments until the same was doused off by the Railway staff.
The train made a halt for the repairs for a short while and then resumed its journey. The fire and sparks were coming from the brake of the train which was repaired. 

2 thoughts on “Fire scare in Chalukya Express”

  1. The name of the place is not Chincoli, it is Chinchali in Raibag Taluk in the district
    I am observing lot of mistakes in writing Kannada film names in your site for which care is to be taken
    Thanks for Ganesh Darhan & Ganesh Visarjan Photos but not found Kannada Rajotsava photos which is being celebrated in a grand manner in Belgaum.

    • You can follow our Facebook page and Rajotsav photo was published. If you want to just comment that because of a spelling mistake we are biased please feel so. as We dont. We might have made a mistake and we are also humans and we are expected to make mistakes arent we


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