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When will Belgaum get a better Bus stand

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By Amar Janagouda

I wish to express my concern regarding City Bus Stand of Belgaum. The said Bus stand has now achieved a worst and miserable situation. Being Belgaumites and other people’s major transportation convenience and prime place of importance at the heart of city, it would have caught greater attention and importance of administrators for improvements. They could have made it digitalized, highly sophisticated, clean and advanced Bus Stand. Instead, it seems to have become derelict, untouchable object for administrators concern.belgaum cbt


It’s congested inconvenient location, unsurfaced and pondful roads, unscientific and unsuitable vehicular traffic and foul smelling dirty toilets have made it a third class and disgusting place to use. The poor maintenance of the roads aggravates the problem especially in the rainy season. Due to the broken toilet sewer pipes, the foul smelling sewage water flows throughout the roads of the bus stand, showing the un awakable reluctance of the concerned authorities. The localities claim it has been that way since many years and they say nothing is going to happen in future also in frustration with the irresponsibility of the elected representatives.

The fast moving tyres of the buses shoot the stones which are abundantly generated from the spoiled roads towards nearby passengers injuring their body and destroying their valuables have caused a great threat to the passengers. The passengers who come from other states or other countries have horrified to see the condition of the Bus Stand whereas localities have become used to it by force. It presents a clear danger to the public health, safety and esteem. We hope and pray the concerned may wake up and take swift action. 


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