Five Injured in Stray Dog Attack

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In a distressing incident on Thursday evening, a pack of stray dogs unleashed havoc in Mannat Colony near the Mahantesh Nagar Bridge in Belagavi city, leaving five individuals injured, including four children and one adult.

The attack occurred at approximately 6 p.m., sending shockwaves through the area. The victims were promptly rushed to the district hospital for medical treatment. Among those wounded was six-year-old Ahin Asif Kalmani, who suffered injuries to his arm and back in the vicious assault.

According to reports, Ahin was on his way home from tuition when he fell victim to the stray dog’s aggression near the Mahantesh Nagar bridge area, adjacent to the highway. His injuries necessitated immediate medical attention, prompting his admission to the district hospital.

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The incident has reignited concerns over the burgeoning population of stray dogs in Belagavi city, prompting calls for decisive action from the Belagavi Municipal Corporation. The escalating presence of stray dogs has become a pressing issue, with residents increasingly vocal about the need for measures to address this growing menace.

Residents are advised to remain vigilant and take necessary precautions when navigating areas prone to stray dog sightings, emphasizing the importance of community awareness and collaborative efforts in addressing this critical issue.

3 thoughts on “Five Injured in Stray Dog Attack”

  1. Similarly in Veerbadra Nagar and near dharamnath circle too many dogs are there.
    People fearing to get out in evening and specially school going kids

  2. With due respects to Ms Maneka Gandhi and her efforts of PETA.

    According to her efforts, rules are made to protect animals. Good thing, however, the implementation is done as per one’s own perception.

    I see Praani Mitra groups actively operating in all cities. Again, very good thing. They take care of injured animals, feed them, etc.

    Also many astrologers recommend feeding dogs to nullify I’ll effects of KETU.

    All put together and the convenience of aam janataa, feeding the stray dogs has become a fashion today. Tell them anything, they take shelter of the above mentioned points.

    Real questions is, to get rid of I’ll effects of KETU, the remedy is not just feeding dogs (specially black dogs) but to take care of such dogs and keep feeding by taking ownership of the dogs. The blessings given by that particular satisfied dog, can nullify the I’ll effevts of KETU. Otherwise NOT NOT NOT.

    The same applies to the praani mitra groups, many groups do have their own orphanage to take care of stray dogs and also they ensure some owner adopts them. But majority groups just do some make up type activity and leave the dogs on their own fate. So do the amm janataa.

    The dogs in my own society bark at me whenever I wear jacket in winter and tend to chase me.

    The dogs in my company too keep quiet from 8 am to 8 pm, feed on the canteen left outs, and chase us if we move around in company premises between 8 pm and 8 am. Previously, in the 90’s Municipal authorities would set trap, poison the stray dogs and take away. The dog leather would be used for making variety of wallets. However after the introduction of PETA, they just catch the digs and leave them outside city limits. Dogs are smart enough, they return within 24 hours

    HOW TO MANAGE ??? is the milliner dollar question


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