Nitin Gadkari address at Belagavi

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Nitin Gadkari, the Union Minister of Roads and Highways, has affirmed the central government’s commitment to constructing green corridor highways across India. Speaking at a ceremony for the dedication and foundation laying of 36 national highway projects, Gadkari emphasized the significance of enhancing connectivity between major cities to reduce travel time and ensure smooth and safe traffic flow.

Among the projects announced, a total stretch of 680 kilometers valued at Rs 13,000 crore was highlighted. Notable projects include the construction of the Honaga-Zadshahapur four-lane ring road in Belagavi district, costing Rs 1,622 crore, the four-lane road from Chikkodi bypass to Gotur for Rs 941 crore, and the road widening from Shiraguppi to Ankali, totaling Rs 887 crore.

The long-debated Belagavi Ring Road project is finally underway, addressing a crucial transportation issue in the region. With the state boasting 8200 kilometers of national highways, Gadkari outlined a target investment of Rs 3 lakh crore for road infrastructure development. He expressed satisfaction that many of these projects have now commenced, underlining the role of roads as catalysts for development.

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The completion of projects like the Belagavi-Hunagunda-Raichur National Highway, with an investment of Rs 9000 crore, promises to significantly reduce travel time, fostering better connectivity between regions. However, challenges such as delays in highway widening due to permissions from the forest department have been acknowledged, with Gadkari urging prompt resolution to expedite project completion.

In addition to infrastructure development, Gadkari emphasized the potential of ethanol production in Belagavi, citing the region’s growing sugarcane crop. He advocated for the use of ethanol as an alternative fuel, highlighting its economic and environmental benefits. The minister envisioned a future where ethanol and methanol-based vehicles contribute to both sustainable development and farmer welfare.

Gadkari also praised Karnataka’s efforts in expediting stalled projects and announced sanctions worth Rs 2000 crore for the state. He stressed the importance of improving road infrastructure within the next few years, echoing the sentiments of local leaders who see comprehensive road development as crucial for regional progress.

Reflecting on Gadkari’s impactful contributions to road infrastructure nationwide, Satish Jarakiholi, District Incharge and Minister of Public Works Department, lauded him as the “Maharaj of Roads.” The commitment to further projects, including the development of tourist attractions like the Belagavi Flyover and Gokak Falls, underscores the government’s dedication to holistic development.

As discussions on road development continue, representatives like Rajya Sabha member Iranna Kadadi and MP Mangala Angadi have voiced their support for additional projects, highlighting the significant investments being made in the region’s infrastructure. With ongoing initiatives and collaborative efforts, the vision of a well-connected, environmentally sustainable transportation network is steadily becoming a reality.

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