Public Works Minister Takes Urgent Measures to Repair Belagavi-Chorla-Goa Road

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After facing severe degradation, the Belagavi-Chorla-Goa road is finally getting the attention it deserves as Public Works Minister Satish Jarakiholi steps in to address the issue. The road, which has suffered significant damage due to its terrain and heavy usage, will soon undergo repair works, bringing relief to thousands of commuters who rely on this route.

Minister Satish Jarakiholi personally inspected the deteriorating condition of the road and wasted no time in initiating urgent measures to rectify the situation. Recognizing the critical importance of this thoroughfare for both local commuters and travelers heading to Goa, the Minister announced the inauguration of repair works near Kanakumbi at 1:00 pm on Saturday.

The Belagavi-Goa road, once plagued by potholes and uneven surfaces, will now undergo comprehensive repairs, promising smoother journeys for all. This development comes as a significant relief for the countless vehicles that traverse this route daily, ensuring safer and more efficient transportation.


Given the ongoing repair works on the Belagavi-Ramnagar-Goa road, the Chorla route has become the primary alternative for travelers heading to Goa from Belagavi.

In light of these developments, commuters are encouraged to exercise caution and patience during the repair period, which aims to restore the road to its former functionality.

3 thoughts on “Public Works Minister Takes Urgent Measures to Repair Belagavi-Chorla-Goa Road”

  1. Repair work of road should be of good quality and the contractor should be held responsible and penalized for low quality of work. Thank you 👍

  2. Just look at the quality of work on either sides of the border in this ghat and the quality of work is so evident.
    Corruption is at its peak in the administration.


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