KRV State President Narayana Gowda Urges Mandatory Kannada Nameplates in Belagavi, Warns of Replication of Bengaluru Agitation

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By uday

Karave State President Narayana Gowda has emphasized the necessity of Kannada nameplates, stressing that Belagavi must adopt the model witnessed in Bengaluru. Gowda warned that failing to implement Kannada nameplates with 60% Kannada in Belagavi would lead to a replication of the agitation experienced in Bengaluru. He asserted that the challenges faced by Bengaluru would inevitably extend to Belagavi if proactive measures weren’t taken.

Addressing a press conference in Belagavi, Gowda expressed solidarity among Kannadigas in advocating for mandatory Kannada nameplates, emphasizing that the demand transcends Bengaluru and encompasses the entire state. “The Kannadization of Karnataka is imperative,” he declared, setting a deadline of February 28 for the government to act. He vowed to lead a widespread agitation across all 31 districts if the government failed to comply with their demands.


Gowda lamented the government’s reluctance to address the concerns of Kannada advocates, attributing it to yielding to the interests of businessmen. He recounted his repeated incarcerations, particularly under the Siddaramaiah government, citing unjust legal actions and false accusations. Despite facing adversity, Gowda remained resolute, highlighting his longstanding commitment to the cause, even enduring imprisonment during significant personal milestones.

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