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Flights unlikely from Belgaum to Mumbai from August 15

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Spicejet-logoIn the month of July commuters from Belgaum were elated with this Spicejet could fly Mumbai Belgaum Goa from August 15. But nothing has really moved on the ground and this announcement looks to some kind of hoax call.

AAB did follow up this issue with this story Still no clarification on whether there will be flights to Mumbai from Aug 15 on August 2, 2013.
And nothing really has changed for the good. The Staff at Sambra has no instructions on this as yet which makes it impossible for the flight to take off from August 15 atleast.

The July 6, 2013 news was basically done after the  K. N. Shrivastava, Secretary ministry of civil aviation said flights to Mumbai would begin on August 15 and Minister Hukkeri also made similar statements.
The occupancy on the Bangalore route is very good in the range of 80-85% daily and sometimes it is 100% as well which is an encouraging sign for spicejet. 

2 thoughts on “Flights unlikely from Belgaum to Mumbai from August 15”

  1. There is a saying that ” Govt work is Gods work” and there is another saying in Hindi ” Bhagvan ke Kaam me Dher Hai lekin Andhera nahin”.The Net Mathematical saying is that the “Govt work is a bit slow but it will definitely be done”. This amounts to saying that Spice Jet will commence the flight at least in September in case if it is not started on August 15.


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