Flower market at Ashok Nagar but no business here

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How many of know of a Flower Market in Belagavi?

Not many right!, yes Belagavi does have a big Sprawling 2 acre Flower market built near Cancer Hospital Ashok Nagar Belagavi.

But even after the same was inaugurated by Satish Jarkhiholi long ago, the gate of the flower market locked and no one uses it.

The said building was built in a record time of 20 months on 2 acres which have around 16 shops and even 7 rooms where the farmers who get the flowers can rest.

flower-market belagavi The Horticulture department has built this flower market but no one knows why it is not been utilized.

The said place is always locked and no one uses the same even after the inauguration.

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  1. We never knew something of that exist in our city. Thanks for updating. My upcoming visit to the city I’ll make sure to visit this place. That can be made aware to the city. Such that many can make the best use of it.


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