Flyover at Ashoka circle to Gandhi nagar have been dropped

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Sources have confirmed that at this stage the Belagavi Smart city limited has dropped the plan of constructing a flyover at Ashoka circle.

The Project road under consideration starts at NH-4 Junction. The project road is part of Raichur-Bachi road (SH-20) from NH-4 junction to Ashoka circle, from there project road deviates on Khade bazaar road passing through circuit house ending at CBT. Project road passes through four junctions namely Gandhinagar junction, Mahantesh Nagar junction, Ashoka circle junction and vegetable market Junction. A very high density of mixed traffic flows through the project area.
But the feasibility report stated otherwise and due to non-feasibility, the same funds will be utilized for improving traffic-related Developments in the City.

The plan was first made in 2015 and the feasibility was conducted in 2019. Then the flyover was to be built from the Chief Ministers special 100 crore fund. But when Belagavi was selected in the Smart city the project was shifted under it.


3 thoughts on “Flyover at Ashoka circle to Gandhi nagar have been dropped”

  1. This is a Great City. Administrators are incompetent to build a good city and are busy pocketing money without any care for citizens woes.

  2. Forget about 15 lakhs,
    peoples are denied of their own hard earned money kept in banks,because no officer is afraid as nobody can do anything to them
    Only they get suspended and resume with job with increament
    This drop of flyover is nothing this is India anything can happen
    Ache din aaa gaaye hain


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