Many trees Chopped at Kala Mandir Site – Could they have been saved?

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In our rapidly urbanizing cities, it’s the eternal dilemma – should we prioritize development or preserving trees? Can’t development and a healthy environment go hand in hand?

Smartness should be in the work and not only in the name. But the Belagavi Smart city along with the Forest Department has acted smartly behind the tin sheds and have chopped many trees on the boundary wall of the Kala Mandir site which is now been redeveloped under Smart City project.

An offline tender was floated for the trees to be chopped we have learned from the sources and trees have been cut and the wood logs cut into pieces were seen coming out.

In Belagavi itself under the guidance of Shoonya Foundation and the keen interest shown by the PWD as many as 30+ trees were trans-located from Bauxite road to various places and all have survived.

tree-cutShoonya foundation also facilitated the translocation of trees at Tumkuru recently, where the Tumukuru Smart City limited shifted 21 huge grown trees and plans to translocate another 100+ under the various developmental works undertaken by it.

The forest department looks very keen to give permissions for cutting for trees which on its own is very surprising. The Smart people at the helm of affairs of the Belagavi Smart City Ltd have proven their smartness from day one and this is just another example.

We have people in this city itself like the Green Saviours who have been planting thousands of trees so that the ecological balance can be maintained, but it looks like these souls have a much bigger task at hand with such numb minded smart officers.

The question here is did the Smart city even try to translocate a Tree? Did it face some issues in doing it? It had earned over 25 crores as bank interest on its deposits. It could have spent that amount only for trans-locating the trees.

Shoonya Foundation had also written a letter in June 2019 stating that it can facilitate the translocation of 40 odd trees. The letter was also sent to MoS Railways Mr. Suresh Angadi who wrote back to Shoonya Foundation letter must be looked into.

Smartness means development which is sustainable, otherwise, our other departments were there only doing their job, then why did we need such smart people.

Here the money was there but it has not been utilized for the good of the society. In-fact the smart city has also earned by auctioning the wood now, so how much have they earned from it?

3 thoughts on “Many trees Chopped at Kala Mandir Site – Could they have been saved?”

  1. Really Sad to hear this,,
    Who is caring the Environment?? Only common people,,
    But one thing is Sure we all will face the consequences in Future…
    Be prepared for this Belgaumites!!!

  2. Who cares for nature and natural beauty. Neither govt nor the politicians. We have suffered a lot because of heavy rains. It is all because of global warming. The day is not far away for us when we feel acute shortage of water, oxygen,and coolness. We have to show only pictures of trees,forests,to our next generation.

  3. Yes, trees could have been saved. Only if they intimate people about the cutting before hand, we could have helped move the trees to KANHA Shantivanam at Hyderabad. This place is known for adopting trees and transport at their own cost.


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