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Flyover plan from Gandhi Nagar to CBT scrapped

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As early as in 2015 a plan was envisaged to build a flyover from Gandhi Nagar to CBT, then it was shifted to Smart city and a 100 crore proposal was made.

But now the cost has escalated to over 185 crores for which the State govt has not sanctioned it and hence the same plan is now scrapped for the good.

Sashidhar Kurer has been quoted in the Sakal, The state govt has not given approval for the flyover from Gandhi nagar to CBT and hence the plan has now been scrapped.

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Scrapped Plan details
This is technically called as Ashoka Circle flyover which begins near Hotel Shankam and ends near CBT.
According to the layout, the elevated corridor will have an exit to the Cantonment wholesale vegetable market and one near the Metgud Clinic and one near Lakeview Hospital.

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