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FOA Belagavi to press for more Flights, ESI hospital, New industrial Areas

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Belagavi, the fourth-largest city in the state and the second-largest exporter with a total GDP of INR 159.65 billion, has been neglected for far too long. Despite being a symbol of Kannada pride, Belagavi has been overlooked when it comes to the allocation of funds and the establishment of industries.

The recent suspension of 12 air services has had a devastating effect on the passengers of Belagavi Airport, with major routes such as Mumbai and Delhi being lost in the past year, and Chennai a year before that.


In response to this, the Federation of Associations of Belagavi (FOAB) has stepped up to the plate, with the heads of over 20+ different trade & Industry associations from Belagavi meeting recently to devise a plan to bring their grievances directly to the relevant ministries. It is now time for the citizens of Belagavi to take a stand and make their voices heard.

The suspension of air services connecting Belagavi to the major cities of the country is a major setback to the development of industries in the region. While some may point out that the starting of new routes is the prerogative of a particular airline, this is not the case in Belagavi, as the most popular routes with the highest occupancy have been stopped.

SpiceJet has been forced to suspend all its services from Belagavi, and no other airline has stepped in to fill the gap. There was a glimmer of hope when another airline announced plans to fly to Pune, but at the last moment, they changed their plans and flew to another city.

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This is a vicious cycle: fewer flights lead to fewer passengers, which in turn leads to fewer flights. But one must not overlook the potential of Belagavi.


Despite its many years of existence, it is still like a start-up, with potential that has yet to be tapped. The ‘sharks’ and ‘angels’ of the business world are not yet aware of the opportunities that Belagavi has to offer, and those who are aware find it difficult to access the region due to a lack of amenities.

The Federation of Associations of Belagavi (FOAB) is currently devising a strategy to present comprehensive data and demands to the relevant ministries so that they can take prompt action.

The Federation of Associations of Belagavi (FOAB) may be the guiding light that Belagavi needs to pitch itself in the right way and get the amenities required for modern trade and commerce, making it a better place for business and living.


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