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Froth seen at Rakaskop reservoir

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Bellandur and Varthur lakes in Bengaluru have become infamous due to its frothing. Bellandur Lake has become a symbol of the city’s struggle with waste management. Waves of froth were seen spewing again this week, spilling onto roads and carried by winds blanketing cars and leaving neighbourhoods with a severe stink. Residents report ‘terrible stench’ as fresh frothing washes over all efforts to clean the lake that has been polluted by sewage and industrial effluents

This morning FORTH was seen at Rakaskop on part of the shoreline, and this could be the first warning sign of the quality of water store there.

Rakaskop is biggest source of water to Belagavi city, and the appearance of froth on the shore lines is very discouraging.
How toxic is this also needs to ascertained by the officials as there are many reasons which can cause such froth or foaming. 

forth-rakaskop-1forth-rakaskop-1Currently the amount of Froth seen on the shore lines could be less but if the causes are not found and if enough care is not taken it could be very dangerous.

What causes this Froth –

Sustained inflow of untreated sewage and industrial effluents

Indiscriminate discharge of household waste and industrial effluents into lakes is what causes the toxicity, leading to the water body foaming

This could be just the beginning of what could be another Varthur or Bellandur, officials must look at the causes of such froth and clear all such toxic waste from the water.

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