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GenericPlus – touching people’s lives by selling quality and affordable generic medicines

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The pain of losing a family member is unimaginable but what really breaks a person is the rising cost of healthcare. It can be extremely challenging for someone who can’t make the ends meet, to even access day-to-day medicines that are unaffordable. Many times, people are compelled to sell family jewelry or their hard earned real-estate to afford quality and affordable healthcare.

But one company GenericPlus, headquartered in Belagavi, is taking a leap in making available quality and affordable medicines to the people. This may be a small beginning but for someone who’s not so privileged this is a quantum leap and will be a key differentiator between life and death.

Mahesh Jadhav, Founder CEO of GenericPlus says that GenericPlus is a cause driven company selling quality and affordable Generic medicines. He is determined to make generic medicines available to the people across the country. He mentioned that the revenues generated by GenericPlus will be shared for a social cause i.e. educating underprivileged girls and boys.

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Mahesh points out at the various steps taken by the Government of India to promote generic drugs and make them available to the masses through “Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Jan Aushadhi Pari Yojana Kendra (PMBJPK)”. He mentioned that there is a strong need for more participation from social entrepreneurs to reach more people with quality and affordable medicines. He strongly believes that there is an urgent need for a revolution in this area.

Sharat Kumar COO of GenericPlus said that they have already established robust supply chain, deployed technology and have direct sourcing arrangements with various manufacturers. The gains from these initiatives will be passed on to the end consumers. He explained that GenericPlus will organically grow through franchise networks across the country. Sharat is confident that this is a good business opportunity for like-minded entrepreneurs to offer quality and affordable medicines to people.

GenericPlus today officially launched their website by the underprivileged children in the premises of Mahesh Foundation. The invitees attending the launch event were Franchise Partners, Suppliers and invitees who witnessed the social activities undertaken by GenericPlus.

Mahesh confirmed that the company has already gained a lot of traction. In the last 45 days, the company has enrolled over 15 Franchise Partners. He is of a firm belief that the company is in the right direction that will impact the lives of the people.

The founders believe that accessing quality and affordable is the right of every person – rich or poor. This should not be denied to any person.

2 thoughts on “GenericPlus – touching people’s lives by selling quality and affordable generic medicines”

  1. Hats off to Mr. Mahesh Jadhav, for Generic medicines which helping so many people in giving them with relief from many diseases in low cost…and doing social cause giving the needy children.

  2. So many generic medicines which are approved by FDA in USA is not approved for sale in India . Like INTUNIV and Adderall XR … generic version and branded also.Can something be done about it because they are a necessity for so many children in India and we are denying our children proper treatment.


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