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GREEN SAVIOURS – A Humble Effort for Belagavi and maybe Humanity

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Despite of listening to all the talk of global warming and the alarming quantum of threat that it poses to the human race, nothing seems to actually spur one into action until the problem knocks on the door.

green-saviours.jpggreeBelagavi has been a rather blessed city in terms of its location that makes it’s climate border around the temperate and comfortable. Having listened to this rich since childhood and having experienced the goodness of the weather in the city, guess it was but natural that they expected the same cycle to repeat itself day after day. However 2015 was a wake up call.

The city of Belagavi used to be known a few hundred years back as Venugram; the place of Bamboo. Forests around were abundant in the choicest blessings of Mother Nature and wildlife with a wide range of species of animals and birds were an integral part of this wonderful part of the blue planet.

Over the ages, development of the human kind crept in and the place evolved from maybe a village into a town and then into an expansive city. The cost of this development was hidden for ages and extremes of weather were hard to contemplate. Large patches of land were cleared for human habitation and the trees joined the annals of History leaving not even a trace of what yester years used to be.

The year 2015 goes down in the memory of most as one among the worst that the place has seen in ages. The rains failed miserably and the heat was almost unbearable. The  summer was

followed by a dry patch with the rains taking a holiday and ground water receded to depths quite unknown before. This meant that the year 2016 was going to be a critical one. One more lean spell of rain and the city would have been on the brink of panic.

Thankfully the rains have been rather pleasant this year but the wake up call was enough to spur some of us into action. The Green Saviours team was born on 3rd April 2016 with about 10 individuals meeting up to discuss their responsibility towards restoring the balance of nature in and around the city.

Today they just completed their 26th successive Sunday of work and it’s is time to reminisce what has been in preparation for what they can make of tomorrow.

The numbers swelled quite dramatically at first and they had almost 200 individual who volunteered to act in their own capacity. Presently however and maybe due to the fact that the rain has happened, the numbers have been reduced to around 80. Despite the drop in participation, they are happy to announce that they have stuck to their task and will do the same as long as they are around.

The Green Saviours team is committed to both plantation of the trees and their survival. They have planted around 1700 trees to date and are presently busy ensuring that all of them survive in the spaces they chose for them. The commitment to the humble effort to doing as much as they can, continues regardless of what challenges they face.

They are proud of what we have accomplished and expect their pride to increase exponentially as they move on.

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