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It’s more than just ‘Rains’ in Belagavi

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By uday

It is typical of Belagavi’s attitude in general. Haste makes waste! So the rains start slowly and end slowly. And hence the city prays all of June for some rains till they decide it’s time to bless the city with showers.

The skies pour down like the chatter of the womenfolk on a leisurely evening over the courtyard- it forgets to stop! Then the skies pause a bit, look down and ask “Enough?” The citizens say yes, the farmers say no. Then the rain God just picks up the local newspapers to plan its itinerary. When the papers say ‘Rakaskop yet to fill to capacity’, the skies open and pour some more.

rains belagaviThen the headlines scream “Low lying areas submerged, kids facing problems on the way to school’, the skies again pause. And then it begins all over again. The papers take to it with hearty statements ‘Farmers need more rain to sustain drying crops’. Oh! The dutiful skies pour down again.

So you end up drenching while you go to perform the Nagpanchami puja. Your silk sarees get wet for the Vat Pournima puja, you carry an umbrella as you bring home the lovely Ganesh idol for the festivals and soak in the downpour during the immersion of the idols. You look to the skies with a frown on your face for some respite during Navaratri as it drizzles like a guest who’s forgotten to return home in time and then you smirk as it still appears to arrive just as the shop owners prepare to order the ice cream for the guests on Diwali’s Laxmi Puja day. Amidst all this, look at the brighter things.

*You don’t need a fan from June to November and then when the chill comes over, you just forget them altogether till February.

*You get to make utmost use of the umbrellas/raincoats, full 6 months, no less, giving you real value for money.

*The flowing taps and leaking tanks don’t bother you much as you see the stocks being replenished by the day.

*The countryside always looks awesome, green in all its splendid glory. Drive out of the city in any direction, point and shoot! Voila, there’s a cover-photo for your FB page.

*The vegetables come dirt cheap. Especially if like me, you swear by Coriander leaves and lemon as life essentials. The former comes 2 for Rs. 10 and the latter, 4 to 5.

*Kids don’t bother parents to take them out. The whole rigmarole of getting dressed, putting on a raincoat, get drenched in spite of the cover, soak, shiver….staying at home is the best option. So kids do some serious studies, at least when they’re not down with the virals. (Note to self: Do Belagavi kids perform better in the first half of the academic year? Must survey)

*The animal kingdom is happy. Snakes slither merrily, tadpoles and frogs jump hither thither, mosquitos complete their conferences and insects of all shapes, colors and sizes make guest appearances.

*Belagaviites stop relying on the met department and just go with their gut instinct. Look up, if you can’t see the sun, grab that umbrella. Clouds or no clouds, it just rains in Belagavi. And we’ve survived this awesome weather for years. You will too. Just learn to ignore the side-effects that people abuse as ‘potholes’. It’s all part of the game, you know!

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