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Gross Neglect … Apathy… What a Shame!!

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by Sameer Majli 

A moment of pause as a mark of respect to the departed soul!

Near 3rd gate
Near 3rd gate


One more citizen succumbs to the sheer apathy prevailing among those in office, those that hold the power to decide what we get and the way we lead our lives. One more victim and the blame games begin. As usual the larger of the two participants in the accident will be hauled up and penalized. An FIR lodged and the issue is laid to rest along with the remains of the departed soul.

We are a growing city and so we hear but it is sad to know that the growth is just conceptual and maybe economic as indicated by the soaring values of real estate; the infrastructural demands keep falling to deaf ears as usual. While it would be right in a sense to find flaws with the driving and the driver, there would be no mention in the report to state the fact that the roads are too narrow to bear the brunt of the ever increasing traffic. While several projects have been initiated, they continue to languish in a future of anonymity since they belonged to the erstwhile government and it would be logical for the new souls in power to discontinue what those before them have been doing. After all, being different and indifferent is more important than making the difference.

The cacophony and commotion on Khanapur Road and Congress Road continues and the erosion of the upper layers of asphalt continues to add to the misery. Why is it that no road lasts even half the term promised, well, it could be anybody’s guess!!! Unless new work is created, how will be able to generate employment??!!! New tenders and new attenders but the same old story continues.

We have a wonderful traffic department that is super busy with their all novel and interesting interceptor as they seek to stop anyone who gets the speedometer to move from 40kmph to 41kmph. Once the deed is done, the receipt book is out and the set penalty is collected without much ado. No one in neatly pressed white uniform ever pays attention to overloaded private buses and autos ferrying kids to school. Vehicles regardless of whether they are private or governmental continue to spew smoke super generously and no one looks at the black mess. They upholders of the law are busy with the licenses forgotten at home and the speedometers violating the set limit, just a shade over forty and justice is full and final.

The sad tales of the victims of this intentional oversight and neglect continue to come in a steady flow as if we are keen to write a whole collection of the tragic tales.

When will it be that the eyes of those we vote to power open to this suffocating reality that adds shades of misery to life in our wonderful town?

Is it so that for change to happen there must be sacrifices, and in this case, there just haven’t been sufficient martyrs?

What we call this is each one’s take.

Gross Neglect…Apathy…A Shame!!???

A Video from 3rd gate towards Udyambag.

About the Author: The Author is a regular writer for All About Belgaum, Placement and Training Officer at KLE Society Belgaum, Founder of the Social Initiative “Citizens for Society”,Career Counsellor and collects & presents programs on Old Hindi Songs

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  1. Thanks Sameer for awakening write-up My deep condolences to the berieved family, unfortunately how many Belgaumites will rise to this wake up call till many are killed due to failure of government functioning and our worthless politicians and crooks of class one the bureaucrats,


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