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Keshav Iyengar Belgaum born boy 162/162 in IQ score

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keshavThe Deccan Herald in a story mentions, Keshav Iyengar thirteen-year-old has an IQ higher than that of Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. Keshav Iyengar, a Belgaum-born boy, whose family is now settled in Cheam, London, has scored the highest score possible (162 on 162) in the Cattell III B IQ test, recognised by Mensa, the high IQ Society whose members stretch across 100 and more countries in the world.

Known to many as Kesh Iyengar in UK, to told the Guardian there, “I’m very proud. I almost didn’t do so well because I wrote the answers to the Mensa test in the wrong places and had to rub it all out!. When I’m older I hope to do something in computers. I really like computers and I’d like to design software.

Kesh’s score of 162 is the highest rating possible in the Cattell III B IQ test – the test recognised by Mensa, which only accepts members with an IQ in the top two per cent. Professor Stephen Hawking is reported to have an IQ of 160 and scientist Albert Einstein’s estimated IQ is also 160.

Keshav’s mother, Dr.Jyothi Punekar holds PhD in Aeronautical Sciences  and his father is an alumnus of Indian institute of Science Bangalore.

Dr.Jyothi Punekar is originally from Belgaum and She did her schooling St.Josephs high school, then GSS and then RLS college. 


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