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Have the traffic Cops employed civilians to fine traffic offenders ?

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On many occasion we have published images where the common man has come up and helped the traffic police to clear a jam or he has done it on his own, but now a new image taken near Nehru Nagar is viral in which a civilian is stopping the vehicles and the traffic cop is seen behind in the same image.

When the citizens questioned the traffic police on duty as to how a civilian can perform the duty of the police, the former allegedly said it is none of your business.

The New Indian Express quotes a student who said, I was stopped by the civilian while I was riding the scooter without wearing a helmet. The youth in the picture snatched of the key and directed me to the police official standing nearby.

There were two youths who were stopping the vehicles and the police were seen taking their help.


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  1. Assisting the traffic cops by civilians in the guise of Traffic marshals, is prevalent in most of the big cities in India. This does a lot good to control & avoid traffic-jams on public roads in peak hours. However this scheme should be regularized by the concerned Authorites in consultations with RTO of the district.


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