Head Constable returns 80000 cash bag of demonetized notes

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After the demonetization of currency notes the banks have been afloat of people wanting to deposit their old notes and withdraw money.

Vasant Ramchndara AgasimaniToday at the SBI Bazar branch at Kirloskar road, Head constable with the crime department Vasant Ramchndara Agasimani was at the branch to withdraw some money.

He had noticed a plastic bag vehicle entering the branch but as the branch was afloat with people he thought it could be someone’s bag.

But after an hour or so after he got his money he again saw the bag in the same place unattended. He immediately opened it and was amazed to see the bag full of 500 notes.

He immediately handed over the bag to the branch manager who counted the same and the amount was to the tune of Rs.80,000. All were the demonetized 500 currency notes.

The manager is trying to identify the person to whom it might belong.

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