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High Court on Vaccine Depot: Allows construction without cutting of trees and compensatory plantation

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The high court has modified the earlier order and said that activities can be carried out without cutting trees and also planting 93 thousand trees. However, the official order is yet to be received.

It may be recalled that on 26/06/2021 a Public interest litigation was filed by Adv Kiran Kulkarni and Satish Biradar on behalf of Rajeev Toppannavar and other members of the Save Vaccine depot organization.

The High court then granted the interim stay to maintain the status quo. The Petitioners had opposed the construction activities in Vaccine Depot carried out by smart city limited.

They sought to retain Vaccine Depot as Botanical Garden as per the order dated 6/7/2009 passed by the Government of Karnataka. They also prayed to stop construction activities, excavation, demolition, and cutting of trees.


Already work on the Heritage park was in progress and Wier construction has been completed. Other works for the heritage park were to start in some time including the Grameen Bharat sculpture court.

Now it is planned to have Landscaped and this is a plan and still unclear if any trees and the flora & fauna would be done away with. Landscaping does more harm to the ecosystem especially since it encourages monoculture and the introduction of non-native species just for their aesthetic appeal. These can never replace the existing functionality of the site. Mother Nature’s creations are always superior to human interventions.

Also the work on the Aviation Gallery and Art gallery can now begin which has been awarded to noted art director Nitin Chandrakant Desai.

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