Being with HIV People does not affect anyone says Khader


U T Khader belgaumAs a step forward against Discrimination shown to the HIV/AIDS affected people Shri U T Khader Hon Health and Family Welfare Minister spent time with children living with HIV/AIDS.
Health and Family Welfare Minister Mr, U T Khader visited the Mahesh Foundation’s “Ashakiran” Orphanage at Ramtheerth Nagar,Belgaum.
Mr. U T Khader, said that the government is willing to support the Sector of HIV and AIDS prevention and has different schemes and planning to make it reach till the roots of it.

He said “Discrimination with the HIV/AIDS affected people is not acceptable, the love and affection has to be shown as a moral support to such people and they said that conditions will change one day and that day is soon going to come and get the joy in the lives of the people living with HIV/AIDS”.

People always show discrimination for the HIV/AIDS affected people as instead we should show the care and affection. As a step forward against Discrimination shown to the HIV/AIDS affected people he spent some time with the children living with HIV/AIDS at Mahesh Foundation’s Ashakiran orphanage, celebrated an inmate’s birthday and shared a table for lunch and said that this is not a disease which spreads by being together.
He assured that the Mahesh Foundation will get every possible support by Government and looking forward to see the work.


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