Hoarding, poster menace is back on the eve of the winter session

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The City Corporation of Belagavi has failed to effectively address the issue of illegal hoardings, which can be seen at the busiest intersections and roads throughout the city. While they do take up cleaning, more posters are put up than the ones removed.

It has undertaken numerous developmental projects for the winter session to be held in Belagavi, yet it has neglected to address the rampant defacement of the city caused by the proliferation of billboards and signage.

Unauthorized advertisements and posters pasted on the walls of Belagavi have a detrimental effect on the city’s beauty. It is time for the residents of Belagavi to take a stand and encourage a crackdown on hoardings and posters on walls in order to maintain a clean and green environment.

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Illegal posters and banners create a plethora of nuisances for people and shopkeepers. All too often, these banners obscure directional signboards, are placed on pavements that can cause harm to pedestrians, or are placed on corners that obstruct drivers’ visibility when turning.

Lamp posts, UG Hescom panels, and other surfaces have been adorned with posters of various kinds, with new ones being added each day. Most of these feature pictures of political leaders from different parties.

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Given the abundance of large-scale hoardings available, it is perplexing why they are not being utilized. While they may not make the city more beautiful, at least the government would receive the taxes they are due.

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What the law says:

The Karnataka Open Places (Prevention of Disfigurement Act), 1981 according to which you cannot erect, inscribe, or advertise without written permission from the local authority. The punishment for breaking with the law is Rs 1,000+ or six-month imprisonment or both.

The Karnataka Municipalities Act 1964 also prevents any kind of advertisement without the written permission of the municipal government without payment of tax.

Despite a ban on plastic banners, political parties use them.

The government of Karnataka has issued a circular which has also imposed a ban on the use, manufacture, supply, storage, transport, sale, and distribution of plastic banners. The notice cites the recent amendment in the Plastic The amendment mandates a ban on single-use plastic items with effect from July 1, 2022. Flexes and banners made up of plastic of less than 100 microns are included under the rule.

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