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How long will we take for vaccination as per current progress?

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This is based on the figures from the COWIN portal and are assumptions.

Belagavi District Population – 50 Lakhs Approx

Dose 1 Given: 6.93 Lakh

Dose 2 Given: 1.42 Lakh

Pending = 41.65 Lakh

Current daily Average = 15,000 (Approx as per Co-WIN)

Duration at current pace = (4165000 x 2 Doses + 6,93,000 x 1 Dose) / 15000 = 601 Days

601 days equals to 1 Year, 7 Months

Doses to be given per day for 8 month target (4165000 x 2 Doses + 6,93,000 x 1 Dose) / (30 Days x 8) = Minimum 37595 Doses Per Day

So a minimum of 35-38000 vaccinations has to happen per day so that the entire district is vaccinated in the next 8 months.


The current rate of vaccinations in the district is 16000 per day in the last two days.
With more supply of vaccine and more private players and easy accessibility the numbers can rise.

The District administration must take up this issue like the Pulse Polio drive and involve as many NGOs as possible and make the vaccine reach the masses which will also help us in stopping the said 3rd wave of the pandemic.

More the number of persons vaccinated lesser would the spread and hence the pressure on the health system will also ease.

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  1. As our honorable prime minister said a few days ago, central ministry is going to start a massive vaccination drive from international Yoga day, that is 21st June ’21, hence we can expect a faster coverage than mentioned.


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