Private ambulances banned in BIMS

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MLA Belagavi North Anil Benake met the Regional Commissioner Aditya Amlan Biswas, who is also the administrator for BIMS at his office and regarding various issues pertaining to BIMS.

Regional Commissioner took immediate action regarding BAN of private Ambulances to Carry dead bodies from mortuary who use to charge a hefty amount from the relatives.

A “Reception Center” 24X7 will be opened with the planned layout of BIMS Hospital, which will guide patients and relatives regarding various locations of the Hospital.

A separate pathway for Corona Patients will be created in order to stop spreading of Pandemic.

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Patinet attenders will not be allowed inside the wards.

Precautionary measures were been discussed in case of the 3rd wave of the Pandemic arises.

Regional Commissioner and MLA Anil Benake directed BIMS In-Charge director to conduct a meeting at BIMS with concerned authorities to discuss the further development of the BIMS Hospital.

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