Hubballi Halt: Bengaluru-Belagavi Super Fast Express Slows Down Unexpectedly

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Bengaluru – Belagavi Super Fast Express train departs from Bengaluru at approximately 9 pm every night and arrives at Hubli around 3.30 am the following day. However, starting from October 1, this train has been halted at Hubli for one hour, causing delays in reaching Belagavi. Additionally, the train makes brief stops at Londa and Khanapur for 10-15 minutes along the way.

On 15/11/2023 the said train reached at 3 AM but left Hubballi at around 4.30 AM.

The unnecessary one-hour stop at Hubballi station for the Bengaluru-Belagavi Superfast train has resulted in numerous travelers from the Belagavi district suffering from daily delays. Previously, the train would leave Hubli station at 3.40 am and arrive at Belagavi railway station at 7.30 am.

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PC: Shridhar Hulikavi

However, due to the recent changes, the train now remains at Hubli railway station for one hour, departing at 4.30 am. Furthermore, occasional 10-15 minute halts are made at Londa and Khanapur stations during the journey. Consequently, the train, which used to reach Belagavi railway station at 7 now reaches post 7.30.

Passengers traveling from Bengaluru to Belagavi are forced to endure an unnecessary one-hour wait at Hubli station. Traveling by bus from Hubli to Belagavi is not a viable alternative to avoid this delay. Families find it challenging to transport their luggage to the bus stand, making it inconvenient. As a result, passengers are left with no choice but to remain on the train, waiting for their journey to continue.

7 thoughts on “Hubballi Halt: Bengaluru-Belagavi Super Fast Express Slows Down Unexpectedly”

  1. Vande Bharat train if starts from belgaum reaching at 22.10hrs bangalore which is most inconvenient time to reach their home for bangaloreiens.

    • Yes it is very inconvenient. Also there may be many crossings as many trains leave bangalore at that time. So I doubt train will reach at 22.30 pm

    • Extension to Belgaum is for convenience of Belgaum travellers, the train is now SBC BELGAUM VANDE BHARAT , all facilities are not for Hubli only as beyond Bangalore does not mean only Hubli

  2. Most of the trains are convenient to Hubli Dharwad passengers and Belagavi public left high and dry. Now this is the time there is reasonable justice done to Belgaumites.


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