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ICAI-GST Sahayata desk unveiled – ICAI Belagavi

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Institute of Chartered Accountants of India – Belagavi Branch of SIRC of ICAI unveiled the ICAI-GST SAHAYATA DESK to extend the assistance to the traders, industrialists, and business houses at Belagavi District to help implement the smooth implementation of most awaited G.S.T. here at Belagavi.

Speaking at the inauguration of ICAI-GST SAHAYATA DESK, Sri. S.K. Mohto, Joint Commissioner, Central Excise and Customs, stressed upon the role of Chartered Accountants in implementation of G.S.T. and expressed extended support from the Department of Central Excise Department in sensitizing the people about G.S.T. Also present Sri. S.Mirza Azmath Ulla, Joint Commissioner, Commercial Tax Department, called upon the business, trade and industrial community to not to adhere to the rumors in social media about the G.S.T, and requested to take maximum assistance of the GST-HELP DESK.

icaiThe Chairman of Belagavi BRANCH OF ICAI – CA. Chetan Chougule, in his inaugural speech elaborated how the G.S.T. will replace the multiple taxes system in India and the implementation of G.S.T. would be a win-win situation for all the three stakeholders viz. Government, Businessman and Consumers, and also help curb the cascading effect of taxes and boost economic growth in the country because of common market. Belagavi Branch of Chartered Accountants is ready to work hand in hand with the Business Community and Government in smooth implementation of the G.S.T.

G.S.T. HELP DESK will be open from Monday to Thursday from 16/06/2017 to 30/09/2017 between 3.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m. and stakeholders are requested to call on 9480700351 and email your queries to [email protected].

The Chartered Accountants Sri. Veeranna Mallikarjun Murgod, Sri. Ganesh Shandage, Sri. Tejas Satish Mehta, and Sri. Yaseen Devalapur will devote their time as Resource Personnel at GST Help Desk. CA. Praveen Prakash Ghali, Treasurer, has extended his gratitude to the officials, businessmen, and Chartered Accountants, Media for having attended the GST inaugural function. The event was anchored by CA. Madiwalappa Sangappa Tigadi.

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